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Maytag Commercial Laundry Review

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Published: 09 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased the washer new. Its transmission failed after just over 60 loads in a little over 1 month in service. Maytag says its written warrantee is for 5 years parts only, excluding labor, whether or not repair is needed for defective machines. The transmission was replaced with a new one but it too failed after just over 60 load cycles in a littel over 1 month after being repaired. An indeependent serviceman reports something wrong with electronic control board in addition to a failed transmisison leaking oil. Again Maytag says its written warrantee excludes labor. Maytag refered me back to the same serice company overriding my request for referral to a different company. Maytag also refused to supply parts on its warrantee unless they are installed by its service people. I asked the service company to consider the transmission failures were the result of another cause and to pleae look at the electronic control board as a possible cause for repeated short term failures of transmissions. Serviceman Don says I shouldn’t tell them how to do their job. If the transmission leaks it will be replaced and we will see if this is like other trasmissions they see that fail with little time in service. I voiced my concern about repeated payment for labor to see the same result without further diagnosing a contributing cause. His response was for me to “take my business elsewhare.” ANYONE THINKING ABOUT PURCHASE OF A MAYTAG COMMERCIAL WASHER SHOULD CONSIDER THE RISK OF BEING TOLD TO PAY FOR LABOR FOR REPEATED ATTEMPTS TO CORRECT INFANT MORTALITY OF ITS PARTS, WHETHER CAUSED BY PRODUCT DEFECTS OR OTHER REASONS. I was left with an inoporative machine costing $1,000, that will cost over $600 for me to pay for parts and labor to have an independent service company try to repair the washer, with no assurance the repair won’t result in continuing failure. Time to buy a washer from a different manufacturer who will support their product in the event of infant mortalities. .

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