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Published: 30 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Purchased a Maytag 5000 Series dryer with steam. Nearly $800 at Home Depot. Less than four years later, the dryer needs a new heating element. $99 for the “first” service call. Have to wait one week for the part. $340 – $350 for the part. And of course, another $99 for the “second” service call. That’s at least $540 to repair an $800 dryer. Like everyone else I’m reading about, I did not purchase an extended warranty. I thought I was spending the extra money on the initial purchase to buy a higher quality product from a more reputable company. Wrong! There are two adults who live in this house. We work 60 to 100 hours per week. We don’t have time to do laundry. Half of our clothing goes to the dry-cleaners! So this isn’t a household with 19 kids. I’m not talking about a dryer that never got turned off. This is ridiculous. I foolishly spent $800 on one of Maytag’s products thinking I would get ten years of good service. That’s $80 per year to own the thing. I want my $480 back for the six years of service your product failed to provide. What is the environmental impact of your corporation pumping such disposable trash out into our environment? Who is looking into that? How irresponsible is it for a corporation to manufacture such trash with the full expectation that it’s going into a landfill in “less than” four years? What was Maytag’s solution to the problem? “We’ll essentially give you an employee discount on a new product.” Well, that would be wonderful, but you need to give me a discount on another company’s product. I will “never” again have a Maytag appliance in my home. I have already began and will continue informing every person who will listen about my experience with your products. I told the Maytag person on the phone that I would never even accept a free dryer from their company. Maytag, you should be ashamed. If you cannot manufacture a better product, if you cannot provide better customer service and stand behind the products you make, and if you cannot be more environmentally responsible, you should be out of business. Your corporation and this product has reaffirmed a belief in me: This country is incapable of producing anything that isn’t disposable garbage. I do not purchase American vehicles because they’re disposable garbage. And from today forward, I will do my best to purchase as few products as possible that are manufactured by American corporations.

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