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Published: 13 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a Mazda RX8 years ago. They come with a key fob that must be present in the car in order for the car to start. Sounds like a great security feature right? Well here’s the kicker. These keys barely last a year. I’ve had to buy several keys. Every time one dies, my car is stranded. I have to get it towed to a Mazda dealer which costs $100 on average. Then they sell you a new key. The price? Over $500! For a piece of plastic with a chip in it. Then…they charge you $125 for some monkey to “program” it. It takes them about 10 minutes. I know a mechanic that has worked for Mazda. Even he admits that they GOUGE their customers. In this day an age, you can’t make an electronic device that lasts longer than a year? They also make it nearly impossible for you to program your own key. You need two of them in order to program a third. So it costs at a minimum, $625 to get a f* KEY to start this $30k + car. If you want a back up so you don’t get stuck…that’s going to run you at least $1,250 total. Really Mazda? That kind of money for a piece of plastic to start the car. Not only is that a major RIP OFF, but I don’t want to deal at all with an unethical company that GOUGES and takes advantage of its customers so eggregiously. F* YOU MAZDA!!! .

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