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Published: 10 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In June 2014, my card was declined when I tried to make a purchase. I called the credit union I left the establishment. They told me I had gone negative in my account, but that a deposit had come in and I was now positive. They suggested that I opt-in to the program that would allow them to cover any overdrafts. I declined. I told them that I would prefer to not pay $7- for chipotle and then add a $28- fee to the price of the meal. They let me know that they would not reactivate my ATM card. I told them that they couldn’t force me to participate in a program that I had to ‘opt-in’ to. I told them to feel free to to decline my card anytime I go negative in my account, but I will not consent to join a program that will charge me $28- to cover a small transaction. I have spoken to several managers in their customer service center and left messages for the President/CEO Brandon Michaels. But to this date (Oct 16, 2014)- four months later, they still will not reactive my ATM card. I have thousands of dollars in their bank and they will not activate my ATM card. I am forced to go to the bank to conduct any business. The ATM card will not even work at their bank branch ATM’s. I cannot even do a deposit at the branch ATM machine. They are trying to blackmail me into joining a program designed to help them steal my money. But because I am fighting back, they are trying to punish me. This is a crime and they should be investigated! I plan to change banks as a result of their business practices, but I also believe that people should stand up to these types of practices. i have filed a complaint with the state agency that regulates credit unions. And I should also note that i do not have ahabit of going negative in my account. I am sure i had not had an overdraft in over 2 years. So they cannot claim that i habitually go negative in my account. I am an excellent customer, but I refuse to join the program. They refuse to tell me how they can force me to join a program that i Have to opt-into. They just keep refusing to reactive my ATM card. Instead, whenever i call customer service about the issue, they simply mail me another letter explaining how opting-in will save me the embarassment of being declined. And then they say, it i am not worried about going negative, I shouldnt have a problem opt-ing in. I told them it was the principle of the issue. It’s not a choice if they can make me do it, so i refuse to do it.

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