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Published: 31 October 2018

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So, every once and a while you need some help. Back in May I decided to start seeing a counselor to help me with somethings that I had been struggling with and help me be a better person for my family and myself. After discussions with some friends, I decided on McCarthy Counseling Associates, they came highly recommended. I never missed an appointment, I did have to change a couple but always did it ahead of time with no problems. I had an appointment scheduled for July 3 and they called to confirm on July 2, which I did. This was before my husband ended up in the ER and then total incapacitated for approximately 2 weeks. Now, my fault I did forget my appointment, but when I did remember, a little till 5, as I was driving by the place of business after I had just picked up my husbands medications from cvs. I immediately called and spoke to the woman at the front, I believe her name was Catherine, and told her what had happened and apologized profusely. I did notate a bit of an attitude from, Catherine, but carried on as I had so much going on with Jack and managing the rest of my family. I did not make an appointment for last week but did make one for today. Today, I arrived at said appointment and spent my allotted time with my counselor, who shall remain nameless as this really has nothing to do with her. I went out to pay and the girl at the payment area said “your balance today is 70$”. (my copay is 20$) I asked why today so much, she stated that I had a missed visit. I said, my husband was in the ER, it certainly wasn’t done on purpose. She looked at me with this sheepish grin and pointed at Catherine and told me I would have to speak with her. I stuck my head around the corner and again told her what had happened and if she didn’t believe me that I would be more than happy to bring in paperwork to prove that I just didn’t skip out on a visit. She then proceeded to tell me that those were the rules and there was nothing that she could do about it. “People call all the time and try to get out of appointments cause their kids are sick or they just can’t get there”, this is her explanation. I again explained that this was not the case that my husband had been very ill and had ended up in the hospital admitted 2 days later and we still had no idea what was wrong with him. Obviously there was no talking to this woman, so I walked back to the lady to pay and said pay the amount due but I will not be back. I then walked back to the counselor’s door and knocked. When she came back I told her that they were charging me for the missed visit and I would not be back. When I walked back around, Catherine was in the window where I was paying and I said to her “I just want to let you know who cruel and heartless I think you are, you are supposed to be a counseling center and you can’t make an exception. I’ve never missed an appointment and called to change when ever needed. I will be telling everyone I know just how heartless you are here and hopefully they will tell everyone they know and you will end up losing patients, because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to come somewhere to be helped when you are not concerned with helping anyone.” She started to say something and I said..I’m not done..and continued to tell her how poor of a way to run a business and how again I WILL NOT BE BACK. Catherine, then told me as I was walking away that is the rule. I told her that there are exceptions to every rule and this one was not set in stone….and I shut the door firmly behind me. So, what I’m asking is please share this with your friends especially in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. McCarthy Counseling Associates will not make exceptions to ANY extenuating circumstances, which by the treatment of me and my circumstance today would only assume that any accidents, no matter how critical and possibly any deaths, will also not be excused. How can somewhere that is supposed to help and nurture people in times of needs be so cruel and money hungry. I do understand that they have a business to run and if I was someone who routinely did not show and call ….I get it. But I had a legitimate, legal, serious reason….and they couldn’t make an exception. Even the counselor said when I didn’t show she knew something serious must of happened because that just wasn’t me. I do not recommend McCarthy Counseling Associates and will tell as many people as I can. Please just share this story at least once and lets see if we can’t get the word out. If I save one person from having to go thru what I just went thru…I will feel so much better inside. My husband called this place of business today and spoke with Mr. McCarthy who stated he had to treat everything the same with no exceptions to circumstances. When discussing the fee he replied that 50$ for a no call no show is actually a good deal because they charge 120$ a session. Absolutely no feelings or empathy…..he also said it was my choice to go somewhere else, not interested in any customer support or fixing the situation, so it is also my choice to encourage no one to use these people. How awful!!!! .

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