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Published: 16 October 2019

Posted by: Patricia Widger

I am a professional former employee of the State of Illinois McFarland Mental Health Center. The Unit Director seemed to be a professional with good morals and values, however, things sure changed when I started noticing inappropriate behavior by this Unit Director. One of his staff, a social worker would constantly tell staff in management meetings that she had Borderline Personality Traits. This aroused the Unit Director so she continued with her behavior. Rather quickly she was moving her breasts on his back while he was sitting in front of the computer, flirting all day long, etc. Yes, his door was always opened for patients and staff to see and hear. It was embarrassing to say the least. When he was off of work, this social worker decided she was everyone’s boss. From passive when he was around to aggressive when he was out of the office. I complained to Greg Donathan about her not having the right to boss anyone and about the sexual liason which was occurring. It was so frustrating talking with Mr Donathan due to his lack of concern that I actually said “She (the social worker) was like a dog in heat!” in order to get his attention and the gravity of the situation. Mr. Greg Donathan stated they could not do anything about their behavior. I said it was a conflict of interest between him (the Unit Director) and one of his staff. All I wanted was for the unit director and the social worker to take it out of the building. I told the Unit Director at least 10 times he had little or no boundaries. It gets worse. A young patient with Borderline Personality Disorder started acting out severely (hurting herself) after having “private” sessions with this unit director. When I looked him up under Illinois Professional Regulations, guess what? He had a previous disciplinary charge with inappropriate behavior with another patient in the past. No kidding. Now I worked as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider for 6 years prior to working for the state. I took well over 45 credit hours in just sex offender treatment alone. I started up two sex offender treatment units in outpatient mental health centers. I think I know a little bit about sex offenders. You think? McFarland Mental Health Administration and the Office of Inspector General (who by the way is in the same building) don’t think this unit director has done anything wrong and won’t even consider investigating the young patient that I sent to Chicago so he could not get to her anymore. Now, I know there is many more victims out there by this unit director. I can tell you he worked outpatient at one of the Midwest Illinois outpatient centers but am not sure where. Do the world a favor and come forward if anyone professional social worker was sexually inappropriate or made you feel uncomfortable. Get a hold of the Springfield Illinois Office of Inspector General and demand these past instances he be investigated. I can only say “I suspect abuse” by this man to other female patients. There has never been an offender such as this who only had one victim. Please, please let there not be another victim of this social worker.

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