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Dr. McGuiness is a bogus professional

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Eugene

He doesn’t know a tad bit about dermatology and runs an entire clinic. He and his staff, they all are scammers and cheaters who are lying to everyone without any hesitation.

These people think they can get away with their crimes but let me tell you, they won’t. They are deceiving everyone by saying they are experts in skin treatments but in reality, they don’t know the ABC of dermatology. I had gone there for simple acne treatment and after spending thousands of dollars there I got zero results. The staff is really unprofessional and the worst of all, they don’t take any responsibility for their actions.

When I complained about the results they simply shrugged it off and told me that they are trying their best. They said I should get more treatments from them but I had it enough. After spending around $1700 on simple acne treatment, I’m now completely over these guys. After I complained and started leaving the place, McGuiness’s tone changed drastically. In fact, the entire staff started behaving rudely.

They didn’t issue me any refund for their pathetic service nor did the doctor apologized for wasting my thousands of dollars. The fact is, this clinic is running because of the staff. Everyone in the local market is aware of Michael’s useless services. I was deceived by his vicious online marketing. You won’t see anything bad or unprofessional in his online reputation. That’s because he is doing false advertising and lying straight to the face of everyone else. Locally, the reputation of this clinic is pathetic. No one likes to come here because they all know how useless their treatments are.

If I had known these things before, I wouldn’t have wasted my money in this place too. You might wonder if Michael has such a bad reputation then how is he still able to run a clinic? Well, that’s because of two reasons. First, he is doing false online marketing. He is scamming people online by pretending to be a leading expert. Second, he tells his staff to keep bringing new scapegoats. His staff knows that they won’t get any salary if the clinic won’t get any patients so they do the false advertising for him too.

Clearly, Michael’s clinic is a big sham. After losing my $1700 to these people I have understood how low-minded and pathetic they really are. Michael has a lot of ego too. In fact, he doesn’t accept his mistakes. According to him, there was something wrong with my genetics, not with his treatment. He told me that he was giving me the best treatment possible, it was my genetics due to which I was not getting results. What kind of BS is that??? It’s clear he doesn’t a tad bit about dermatology.

I just wish I had found out this information earlier. I just hope my experiences will help you. You don’t have to make the mistakes I made. Stay away from McGuiness Dermatology.

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