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Published: 29 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Olya McQuire of McQuire Contracting in Fontana California has been harrassing my wife and making threats. Using company time to send offensive emails. Olya McQuire bought a kitten from us about 8 months ago, when the kitten was 5 months old she started her barrage of emails to say the kitten weights 6 lbs, of course no breeders guarantee weight which is clearly stated on our website both on the FQA and the Available Kittens page. She also signed a legal contract with us and no where on that contract does it say there is a weight guarantee. Mrs. McQuire is under the assumption because her cat now weighs ( 8 lbs ) which is more than what she wanted that we should just give her another kitten. When my wife explained to her that we along with most legitimate breeders do not guarantee weight ( no breeder can ) we can only give an estimate based on what the parents weigh, she began her attack of sending non stop emails insulting my wife, making threats and even told us by email that because the kitten does not weight 5 lbs her and her daughter do not love her like they should. So I guess if she had a child with a handicap she won’t love that chid like she should, totally ridiculious and sick. It became obvious to my wife and I that we were dealing with a person who suffers from mental health issues. My wife asked her more than once to stop emailing her and insulting her when she continued her barrage of emails we threatened to call the law. She is delusional to think any breeder will put a gurantee on weight, it became obvious we would not resolve this with her. Olya McQuire even went so far as to text my wife at 3 am and still kept sending unstable threatining emails, saying she will ruin my wife, sue her and take away her condo ( lmao ) we don’t own nor live in a condo. Post complaint all oer the internet. We blocked her and she still emails although now it goes to spam and goes unread. Olya’s profile states she owns McQuire Contracting so she represent that company and I think it is vital that company thinking of hiring her business for contracting should rethink. I have retained all her emails ranting and making threats for anyone who wishes to view them. What type of person her age 50? ( guessing ) from her picture acts like this? She even tried to file with the CFA and had no case, infact one of the ladies we talked to said it was the stupiest thing she ever heard of when my wife talked to her. She’s irrational, unstable at best and when she doesn’t get what she wants she resorts to cyber attacking. Be leery of doing business with her. .

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