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Published: 30 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve had dealings with Timothy James McNeely, not as a client but as a vendor. I definitely do not condone his behavior. My firsthand experience with him is that he is very unprofessional, a shyster, and has a history of attempted fraud. I warn you to stay away from this man and his business. Timothy McNeely of McNeely Financial Strategies LLC and representing Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. works in the financial field. He takes your money to invest in stocks, bonds, or insurance deal and makes money off of your money no matter if you win or lose. The kind of guy who makes you sign 22 pages of legal contracts to cover his butt. He hired and keeps trying to defraud LAComputerBuddy which is a small, family owned and operated business that trusts people. We’ve been that way for ten years. Timothy McNeely contacted LAComputerBuddy to solve voice quality and drop out problems with his VOIP phone system. We discussed the problem and joked around in email and telephone discussions. We sold Mr. McNeely a $1600 router below our cost, gave him a $600 discount. On top of that we charged half the normal rate of network VOIP technician work. We configured it and installed it on his network as planned. We talked about implementation. We explained it to office staff in layman’s terms. We tested it afterward. Upon completion his father, Fred McNeely, INSTANTLY commented on the improved clarity of the phone, concept proven and job well done. When we finished the work and looked for payment, we found out that Timothy McNeely had left the state that day for two weeks without ever telling us. The same day that he had set the schedule for us to do the work. We updated him to the job status and sent him an invoice that clearly said the billing terms were “”Due upon receipt.”” Keep in mind, we are overly trusting people and left the expensive equipment there and had done hours of work for him…and he left no compensation. We never asked for a contract or signature. Mr. McNeely sent a partial payment to us via PayPal. We refunded his money and told him that a company check would be fine to save on the PayPal processing fees. Mr. NcNeely then proceeded to send a scathing email. His tone and words hit us from left field. We had done everything he asked, accomplished all goals, and his office was clearly in a better technological state then it was before our work, yet he seemed to want to make an issue out of nothing. We offered to stop by the office to pick up the equipment and zero out his balance, owing us nothing. Mr. NcNeely threatened us with the police! He then bought a discount coupon from Yelp!, which clearly states “”not valid with any other promotional offer,”” and in spite of his $600 discount and incredibly competitive labor rates, demanded we accept it. This is after the work was done and balance past due! We told him we would gladly honor it for any future work. Mr. McNeely then proceeded to make full payment via PayPal. He then went onto any social media outlet he could find to fabricate fictional reviews. He saw we received an accommodation from as being ranked in the Top 3 among IT professionals in L.A. He then created an account on to write another bad review without ever using‘s service. We believe that Mr. NcNeely saw an opportunity to deceitfully take advantage of the non-contract business situation. Mr. McNeely attempted to “”stick-it to us”” by fraudulently requesting a refund via PayPal using buyer’s protection stating that he never received the product and services. Good thing we had taken a picture of the equipment installed at his office and PayPal denied his fraud attempt. Let this serve as a public service announcement to all small business owners and independent contractors: AVOID Timothy James McNeely of McNeely Financial Strategies. He’s a shyster, a fraud, a troublemaker, an evil opportunist. Don’t do business with him unless you want a headache. You have been warned.

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