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Published: 08 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The opportunity was offered to invest 10,000 to 1 million dollars USD into a guaranteed return investment with a major bank securing your funds and guaranteeing the principal. The term was a 12 month investment. When the 12 months was up there was no return, but the principal money could be returned to us with 10% interest or let it ride, as the program did not work the first time around. During this time we were never updated by a Manager, clients always had to call in to find out anything. So I let the money ride and then still no updates, after I specifically asked that I be updated this time. Another year goes by and I call in to get my funds with the returns as there was no mention of any issues this time (when I called in and got my own updates twice) and come to find out the money had been gone for a long time (4-6 momths) without any notification of any kind from anyone from MCS. Some Consultants! Now we cannot even get the principal and/or any interest back. The money was just gone supposedly due to a Bank in Cyprus being taken over by the country. This was never disclosed ad I am sure no one knew the money wa being put in Cyprus as I would never had let a dime go into a small bank in Cyprus especially when this was never disclosed. It not only was never disclosed but epople thought that our money was being managed by Deutsche Bank. This was the only reason anyone would have invested, musch less let there money stay in something that supposedly did not work to begin with. From my understanding, no one got any money back! I asked for the bank investment contracts between the investing company and the Bank, and could not get them, as they were though the managing director/trader of the company that had the relationship with the bank, which was never disclosed of course, and not through or with MCS. This was simply more misrepresentation, as people were told not to worry. After finding out that others have been taken advantage of in other areas, such as grants, and job placement, I feel it important to add my information to the list as there is a pattern here at the State, Federal, and International level involving many acts of fraud, misrepresentation, non-performance, false promises, documantation fraud, deceipt, employment and sales fraud as MCS had represntatives recruiting investors at the worldwide level getting a percentage of an investors deposits at the deposit and the return level. This means that if 10K were invested you had to invest 1500 to cover fees too. So, there is much more here than meets the eye, and I am sure when all is said and done, there will be many more laws that were broken that we are not aware of, as typically happens in these types of cases. No one should have to lose a dollar in this fashion. I would have rather donated the money than have people tell me I lost money without one shread of evidence, or responsibilty as to where the money wen,t or who took it. Without a paper trail of any kind what type of management consultants would say they were responsible in any way shape or form.

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