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A total waste of time and money both.

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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For the past few years, I had been experiencing tremendous pain and discomfort when trying to run or walk for a long period. My legs start aching, and the pain became totally unbearable recently. This made me tensed and being a self-conscious person, I started researching online to find some good surgical centers and after reading several good reviews about Meadows Surgical Arts, I decided to make an appointment there. The Meadows Surgical Arts seemed to be in a good condition online and the surgeons seemed to be quite experienced as well. I made an appointment online from their official website for the next day.

I reached the place on time and was told to wait in the lobby. As soon as I entered the lobby, a strong odour struck my nose. It was coming from the nearby restroom. I requested one of the staff members to check out the problem because the odour was so strong that it was making me a little dizzy. None of the staff members paid attention to it and the condition was the same throughout my time spent in the lobby. I was finally called upon by my appointed surgeon. He told me to have a seat and when I started telling him about my problem, he stopped me and told me to keep quiet because I was being a hindrance to his work. He then asked me whether I would like to undergo the vein surgery, I agreed to it and the doctor then fixed another appointment for the procession of my surgery in the next week.

I came back to the surgeon and was told to wait again like the first time. The problem with the smell was not yet fixed and I had to tolerate it again until the doctor called me in. Generally, a CT scan would have been required to look upon the soft and hard joints and the right place to start with the laser therapy. I suggested the doctor do the same so that I don’t get hurt during the operation. To this, he got offended and lectured me for about half an hour bout how he is the best surgeon in this city and his experience gave him the correct idea and a scan was not at all needed. I had to agree to all the bullshit he spilt and let him proceed. As soon as he proceeded with the laser therapy, he focussed the beam of light on my lower legs where I had no problems from before but after his mistake, my lower legs started paining too. I could not help but wait for the treatment to get over. He passed several tubes through my veins and this hurt me a lot. He did his work in a very harsh way and in a hurry too. The treatment took a long time whereas laser surgery is done within 30 minutes.

I still regret going to the Meadows Surgical Arts because even after a week the pain was still there, the scars did not fill up. I was promised that it would take a maximum of 2 days to recover, but nothing as such happened. I will never suggest anyone to go to the Meadows Surgical Arts.

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