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Published: 20 September 2018

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Are all of the online casino rating sitesowned and ran by the casino’s. I bet if you trace the ownership of most of them they are owned by the casinos they recomend. Many of them recommend Bovada casino and if they are honest sites then they have a problem. All I ask for from a casino is a fair shake. Not software that is so biased in favor of the casino that you have no shot at winning. When I play blackjack and the dealer over and over draws 5 and 6 card 21’s there is a problem. same with video poker. There are certain combiantions of cards that you hold and they will ALWAYS lose. When you play 50 hands of poker at once and hold 4 cards to a flush and consistently draw not one single flush..give me a break, that just is not going to happen. Play craps make one line bet and two come bets and here comes a 7 unless you make a large bet on any 7 then that crap table will avoid rolling a 7 like its the plague. You can manipulate the roll of the dice but you cant win because you have to make one throw bets.. The odds are already in favor of the house so why do they have to make them so biased ion their favor you have no shot at winning. I have yet to come across one casin o where things are truly random. So for all these sites to recommend certain casinos its all just part of the big rip off. they are all in bed together and the only ones to suffer are the players. They knock one casino and blow smoke up your a** about how honest another casino is. If you buy any of their bulls*** I have a bridge I can sale you. I think Ill take my chances in Nevada where there is a gaming commission that won’t allow a casino to f*** with its payback rate anytime they wish to. These online casinos. if they take a hit from someone lucky enough to ever hit a jackpot well they just change the payback rate on their machines to get that money back from everyone else. I’ve been gambling for many years and Im pretty good at it….but not online. If anyone knows a casino that truly gives you am fair shake Id certainly like to know which one it is Im not pissed because I lost alot of money Im just pissed because a rip off is a rip off is a rip off except in this case there is nobody who’s a** you can kick..and for that they are very lucky. .

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