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Media 360 is the biggest bait and switch scam ever!

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Published: 21 July 2017

Posted by: Russell J. Sunderman

I got a call from Chocolate Milk Media after I had searched about running a franchise for some extra money. They started talking about Media 360 (also known as Sticky Media), and how each investor would invest in digital monitors. The monitors would display ads in select locations. The purpose was to make a cash flow from a percentage of the ad values. Each monitor would hold up to 200 ads, selling from 50 – 200 dollars. The investor would get 20% of the sales.
Jason, the owner of Chocolate Milk Media, told me my screens would be in Denver, in a 2000 screen market. He told me it wasn’t a quick scheme, but that it would give me a couple of hundreds of dollars each month.
I wanted to talk to other investors before I signed up. Once I did that, I felt like I was ready to give it a try. They put me in touch with a company named Flexbuy. They asked me to choose between three different lending sources for my loan for the initial investment. I picked Avant Bank. They approved me and sent $10,000 to my account. They told me it would be 4 months before I could get set up and start receiving money from the system. I was asked to wire $8992.76 to Chocolate Milk Media.
I spoke to Les at Media 360 nest. Les said I couldn’t be in the dispensaries in Denver and moved me to Union Taxi instead. He thought that provided more opportunity, as it was a new business. He said the payments would come in July, but nothing showed up. I got suspicious and checked to see if Les really worked at Media 360. He did.
Then I got a call from Reid Johnson, C.F.O. of Sticky Media. All that I had got was a $335 monthly payment, and I thought I would get some answers. He told me Les would get in touch with me. Les called me after that and apologized for being non responsive. He had apparently been out of the country. He said he wanted to move my screens to a new mall. When I made a fuss, he told me again that this would get me more money and that this was good for me.
I sent Reid an email showing him all the conversations and calls with Les, and told him I would report them to BBB and the FBI too. I thought this would get his attention, but I was wrong. He simply denied that he ever had anything to do with Chocolate Milk Media! He said he didn’t know who Jason was, and that they did not owe me any screens because they had never received any of my contributions. Apparently my deal wasn’t with Media 360, it was with Chocolate Milk Media.
I spoke to my initial contact from Chocolate Milk Media, who told me Jason had shut the office down and started to work from home instead, for financial reasons. But right after I sent Reid the mail, Jason randomly got in touch with me! He promised to sell my screens and give me back my money in full. I last spoke to him on 11/12/2016. He said he would go back after the holiday and return my money.
He’s gone incognito now. I’ve asked that my message be relayed to him, but he hasn’t responded.
I support a 7 person home with 5 kids. I work full time. No Christmas presents this year! We can barely buy food. All because these people scammed me. They played me right from the start. I will sue them to get my money back. I hope that doesn’t cost me a lot. Stay away from Media 360!

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