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Published: 15 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have had Medicom Internet, Phone, and Cable since Dec 2014. Since I have had them I have had nothing but problems. The internet would not work right most the time. It was always very slow. The cable will freeze even when I have ordered a movie. The phone will drop calls and at times not work at all. I have called them over and over about the issues. They have sent service tecs out. Two out of the ten actually showed up. I waited all day many times and no one ever showed. The two that showed had no clue what to do. The first one told me he could not understand why my internet signal was dropping. He also told me that the wires for the cable was just old and that was the problem with that. The second man told me that there were problems with an upgrade on the routers and it would be a few more weeks and it would be running right. Meanwhile, I am paying full price for services that do not work right. When I would talk to someone on the phone they treated me like I was trying to steal from them. They were rude and only wanted to send another tech out. Well, after waiting for hours many times and having so many no shows I started to refuse for them to some out to my house anymore. I was contacted by email whenever I reached out to them again about service and about a lost payment of over 160.00. The man finally sent me a new router and the internet is working better. I do not have as much issues with it not loading. They still have not fixed the issues with the cable. He refused to find my payment. Instead, he had some lady call me who would not look for it either. Instead, they cut my services off when I demanded they found my missing money because I was not paying double. That was last month. I had to go ahead and pay it again. Now they once again are charging me three months and have shut off my services. Not sure where my money is going actually. I reported them to the BBB and their answer was flat out lies. Stating I complained just about my xbox not working. Yes, I let them know that my laptop nor my xbox could connect to the WIFI. I let them know I could not watch the NetFlix I paid for on either because the internet was to slow. They also tried to say I only complained when my services were shut off. That is not true. If they keep their call records they would see I called just about every month because of the service issues I was having. The BBB did not investigate the issues just said case was closed and if they did not hold up to their end of the deal to let them know. What end of the deal? They refused to fix the issues. Meanwhile, I have over 400 in fees for what they are saying is last months, this months, and next months fees. I dropped channels and had the Phone Service shut off and my price has not went down that I can see of on my billing. I paid last months and they know it because in the email it states that I paid it and it also shows a payment for 7/13/15 on my account. Yet, they say I am two months behind and that August bill is in advance. This is past wrong. They know I have to have their services because they are the only ones who service my apartment. They are well aware that I attend school online and have to have the internet. I even have emails that I sent my school when I was having internet issues. If they are sending me emails and I am answering them from their IP address as well as sending my school emails, that shows they are lying about I just was complaining when they shut me off. I have very few channels and low speed internet. Yet, my bill is still well over 100.00 a month. After, I cut off the phone service and dropped the few extra channels my bill stayed the same. I do not see a change in the amount. I have also complained many times about the techs not setting up the box in the bedroom. I have never been able to use it. I was going to send it back and drop to one room of service. I was told it would not change my bill either and still it is not set up for me. .

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