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Goofed Up the Reports

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Something, where a personal level of care to the patient is needed, is what we call a clinic or a hospital or a place where things go fine. But here in medical art radiology, I found that people are cheated by every means. They are charged more and they are made to wait for more. This is the worst service of Care for sure. In NY there are better places available to get yourself diagnosed and get an X-ray or a CT scan and I don’t know why I preferred this one.

Well now I did and so I had to bear with the consequence of same. I went there for my CT scan and x-Ray. I was said that my reports will be given in an hour but what happened was that I was given a. The report which was not mine. The report neared no name and neither was there anyone’s initials. All I knew was that the doctor seeing my reports got shocked and disturbed. They even said to me that they will have to open me up so that they can see how much did the cancer spread was. Cancer.? Me.? It was really shocking because I went there for a normal scan which was suggested by my Doctor. But who knew that this will turn to a nightmare and I will be left alone with so much frustration. After a week I was asked to get myself again checked and guess what the hospital says Sir you are completely fine. There was a mistake with your report. Such neglected behaviour towards a patient report. Well, it is not expected and I did make a Complaint against these service providers so that the person responsible can be made to pay for this. Won’t recommend their service to anyone for sure. A complete waste of money and my time.

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