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He didn’t feel relaxed and that’s why he doesn’t wish to come again.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-lipo Experts is a massage center in Miami, Florida who claims to be the only the clinic in the United States as well in the world to treat imperfections after plastic surgery as they have a unique technique for it. They claim to one of the best massage centers in all over the area as well and have one of the experienced massagers in the town but all their claims have gone in vain as numerous customers have reported that they have one of the worst customer services who don’t know how to deal with their customer, the customers have also shown their concern that Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-lipo Experts are keen to make their money without even giving a proper message to their clients. Their prices are not worth the services they offer to their customers because they are too expensive. Their customers aren’t lying. One of my friends had a terrible experience with these pathetic professionals too. He had visited this place without reading their reviews. I did some research and found this place to be a crappy choice. When customer goes through a surgery such as plastic surgery or through a liposuction, they want their post lipo or any other surgical procedure so that they should be treated with love, as they need care, but lately according to the customers of Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-lipo Experts, the customer service is awful and they really need to look out on this. Your customer service should be great to make sure that your customer is satisfied with you. My friend had gone there. He had a bad experience with Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-lipo Experts as he said that the customer service representative was rude with him and didn’t know how to treat their customers. He said that he called the store to get a price and book an appointment. When he asked her to give a better price the customer service representative was rude and told him that if you can bear the expenses of such surgeries which cost you around thousands of dollars so why can’t you bear this as well. The representative made an impression that the customer was cheap and he couldn’t afford it but this wasn’t the case. Moreover, the store also leaked his private conversation on their Instagram page as well, this made him furious and he decided to legally sue them because the private conversation is confidential and should not be disclosed without the consent of another person. One of the customers claimed that all Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-lipo Experts only cared about making their money and gives no respect to their customers. The customer said that the massage didn’t work for him as it was a waste of time and money. He also said that he did not feel any change in his shoulder, neck area and he came specifically to release the knots.

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