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Published: 06 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Most businesses must learn the hard way that not every business is as honest as we are. Once you have been used and not paid you feel violated, and rightly so. Our hostess performed at a trade show as booked through PPG talent, and credit card payments accepted due to a tight deadline. But when payment was expected and the credit card payment denied, the non-payment problem resulted. First there were the answered phone calls and the emails addressing the terms of agreement and then excuses such as, “My banker will get back to you,” “…in South Africa we have Easter weekend (long weekend) tomorrow and Monday being public holidays. I will revert back to you by middle towards the end of next week in assisting you with this payment,” “have forwarded your details to my banker and she undertook to revert back to me at her earliest convenience,” “The banker has got your contact details and will make contact with you directly,” and never did, and then unanswered emails and telephone messages to her and her CFO Gerrit, who was also involved in the beginning of the contract for services. So now I feel compelled to reveal to others who these people are and their business name and email addresses to allow others to express their opinions to them, and encourage them to pay the invoice for work performed—a job that they took days to choose a model, sign a contract, provide Visa card payment for, and reserve and prepare a booth area for. Businesses want to do business with others that they trust—they don’t need additional problems. The only way to ensure that trust is to earn it. This is a medical company out of South Africa who does a lot of business in the US and was exhibiting at the AAOS trade show in Vegas who seemed to be legitimate and protrayed a good image and especially in the medical business where people and Drs from all over the world want to know they are dealing with businesses who are honest, pay their bills and feel comfortable they will get their products after paying. We can’t allow a buisness to come to the US and take advantage of other businesses of which could be a hospital of some sort since they are in the medical business for Orthepedics- hospital and healthcare. So I hope that legitimate businesses will understand why doing business with new sources can demand and expect payment terms that may appear inconvenient at first. It is no reflection on anyone legitimate and protects us from the illegitimate businesses. This person Reinette Rossouw CEO Medicinae Group and their Logo is “The way to recovery & health” but they can’t reconcile their debt, or risk being exposed for what they did, thus causing alarm with other businesses who might otherwise do business with them if there wasn’t a trust issue and unresolved payments to others. I am sure they would love to hear from you and others that would like to engage them. They are even set up under facebook and LinkdenIN as a legitimate business. Reinette Rossouw CEO of Medicinae Group who is our main contact who fails to return calls and gives excuses via email and now will not respond at all.

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