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Published: 28 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I used to work at Medix long ago and quit because I was disgusted by the overall company culture and their business model. I write this to shed some light on what this place is about and give potential students and employees a snap shot into what Medix College really is. The time I was there I was immeditely told that the school changes peoples lives. That the service they provide gives their students a great career in the health care industry. Right away you are lead to believe and told that this is private career college, and only those who prove themselves can attend. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The school provides entry level programs. Thats all. And thats not really saying much. The school is lead by a handful of Directors who don’t really pay alot of attention to the student per say. The student is a number. And nothing more. Its run by instructors who can’t find work anywhere else. They are not qualified to teach anywhere else so Medix is their only option. They ‘mail it in’ as they say, meaning they put little effort into the classes. The students don’t have the grades to get into university, so this, much like the instructors, is their only option. So you have weak Directors, that hire weak instructors, who teach weak students. Its a rinse and repeat way to run a business. The campuses are located in shopping centres and commercial mall strips because those areas are usually in run-down parts of that city, that are within close proxminity to bus routes. Its main goal is to go after the student that hasn’t done anything in their lives. Its sad to say but its accurate, and that how they operate. That student has a better chance to qualify for grants and that why they choose to open campuses in low end parts of the city. You get a real feeling of true dread working there. I would have to ask a male instructor to kindly walk me to my car most nights after class because I knew there would be trouble outside. The two main problems with Medix starts with the two directors at the top, Peter Dykstra and Suzanne Velasquez. Peter Dykstra clearly is in no position to run the operations there. He is never available to speak with any of the instructors, he doesn’t run the company as a leader, he simply shows up, rants and gives his best “changing peoples’ lives speech”, and then hides in his office. He puts his campus into the hands of Suzanne Velasquez who is the Director of Education. She has to be the most unapproachable person I have ever met. She rarely cracks a smile and everything about her is fake when she speaks to you. She doesn’t come across as genuine at all. Shes a little “ice-princess” who sits there emotionless and brings the overall company moral down. Its hard to get motivated to go into work everyday when you have to see, and feel such low moral among the staff. Campus Directors were hired often, and then let go soon after for reasons I don’t know. These Campus Directors goal is to oversee the Admission staff and that alone must be exhausting. The admissions reps don’t know who the students are the seocong they are enrolled, not do they care as long as they get their 200.00 bonus for each body they pass through. The Business Affairs team bangs their heads off their desks dealing with these students who can’t gather the basic information to see if they qualify. Its a complete mess. The text books often arrive late when new programs start, the Career services department can’t find them placements because noone wants ro hire a grad for several reasons, mostly because they are not qualified to be hired. The entire process is a complete train wreck.

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