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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In the world of outgrowing competition, there has been also an issuing with medical waste disposal. Some companies didn’t do that properly and some charged so high that the hospitals or the clinics were unable to pay off. It was due to this reason that Medipro Diagnose got famous and well known but there were some complaints received as regards the same.

It was seen that they left the medical wasted untreated and also made improper treatment of same. They even started making issues and when it came to our clinic, we too faced the same situation. Firstly we were given fine rates and. Slowly this turned to increase with time. Even the contractural system wasn’t taken care of by them and all they did was treat us like a fool, every now and then extracting money from us so that can be satisfied. This service provider seemed more of money extracted and an issue created than an environmental issue solver which are created due to improper treatment of medical wastes it’s hereby requested from such service providers out there that fulfil your work first and then look for money. This will help not only in better solving of issues but will also lead to a better relation creation among the environmental contents and humans out there. Try to become realistic and help save the environment. At least when you are paid well, try to make the same the best deal for yourself and others. Afterall this society is where you exist and this society is what that lets you earn and if you don’t serve it will take away all of the resources it provided to you In a blink of an eye and you won’t be able to do anything about the same. so, try to be best of what you can.

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