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My mom had a terrible experience!!

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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Yvonne

She had gone there for a BOTOX treatment but she didn’t get any results. There just wasn’t any difference between her appearance before and after the treatment. We went to these people to complain about the failed treatment. They had charged us like they were experts but as it turns out, these people are MORONS! They don’t know how to inject BOTOX and they certainly don’t know how to handle customers. Because when we visited the spa to discuss my mom’s failed therapy, they started shouting at us. They told us to go bother someone else because they didn’t have the time for such nonsense. They didn’t believe us. When we showed them the invoice they started acting differently. Still, they told us to get another treatment from them, at a discounted rate. We weren’t going to get another treatment from those people.

The reviews about this place were awesome. So I and my mom got fooled easily. The way their staff was behaving at first was a red flag for me. But I didn’t suspect that they’d be so foolish and moronic and that they’d really f*ck up a skin treatment. The area has plenty of BOTOX injectors and it’s certain that the ones at MedSpa 22 are the pathetic ones. I should have demanded a refund for the failed treatment and for the way their staff behaved with me and my mom. But I didn’t want to talk to those people anymore. It was clear to me that those guys are too selfish, foolish and greedy. I know they won’t ever issue a refund for my mom’s terrible BOTOX treatment. First, their staff shouted at me and my mom and said some really bad things. Then, when they understood their mistake, instead of apologizing, they just told us to get an appointment and get the issue fixed. My mom thought we should go back to the place but I don’t think so. This place SUCKS. The staff doesn’t know how to behave and they need to learn some manners. Not only that, they need to come clean about their experts. I don’t think they have certified experts handling BOTOX injections. I bet they have some stupid, fake people who act like experts. They are running a big medical scam and they aren’t afraid of cheating their customers. They are ill-minded, scumbags who shouldn’t be allowed to run a spa of this sort. Instead, they should be shut down and sent to do some other stuff. If you want to get your skin ruined or just waste your money, then MedSpa 22 is a nice place for you. But if you want a serious skin treatment or a therapy then I’m sorry, this place isn’t the right choice. You should look somewhere else because the people here are morons and they won’t be able to provide you with the treatment you paid for. Better go somewhere else with real experts.

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