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Published: 29 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Chris or Christopher Lang claims he is a business man who is under contract with the Canadian Armed Forces to do secret work. He claims that he works with several celebrities and celebrity business owners to develop business porjects. He assures people that they will be more rich than what they know they can do with it. He claims that he has all of the connections and distribution channels in place to make all of your projects work. He had me and a group of people working for over one year on a few projects -from creating robots, to writing stories, to reading other people’s work and discussing whether or not it was marketable. All of the meetings took place in Montreal at Westmount Square, cafetaria eating space near the security desk -he claimed that disgruntled ex-members were out to get him and anyone affiliated with him (e.g. his group), but that we were safe since we were next to security. He said on numerous occasions that he was attacked by ex-members in the presence of other members from his groups. He showed up with bruises and scrapes at these meetings. He made it seem as if the work he was doing was so important that it was attracting jealous people who wanted to stop him from becoming rich. He played the role of the victim and martyr. He claimed that he is a good samaratin that is trying to make a difference in people’s lives. But as soon as you ask him for clarification on a project, he becomes irrate and hostile. He has no clue what is happening in the project -he makes sure that you keep busy. I know people who have “worked” for him for three to over five years. He wastes people’s time and deceives them that they are working towards something. The sad truth is that he will harass people out of the groups and projects once you get close to completing it. Because he has no way of delivering what he promised, so he needs people to leave. He will either create animosity by spreading rumours about mental illnesses (I know of eight people he’s claimed that they had illnesses), that they are violent, or are (according to him “disgustingly faggots”). He is anti-gay, unprofessional and a liar. I signed a contract, what I thought was a legitimate contract, only to realize it was fake since it never had the names of the projects I was working on. He used intimidation -saying that he would sue me, that if I tried to write for anyone else that that would contravene the contract. He would become angry and yell, accusing me that I was not his friend and that I had no credibility or real business values. He used to have a website and a forum where people had to post their work in and edit other people’s work (it was at But I recently checked it and it is not advertising the Pen and Keyboard website anymore. He knows nothing about publishing and the book industry. Do your due diligence and stay away from this liar and harassor. He is the one who is probably mentally ill and gay. To this date, he has published NO ONE. He has no specifics on how a book or article can be published because he exploits people’s hopes. He only reassures you that yes he can do it, but he cannot provide any proof that he has done so. No book titles, no movies titles, no cartoons, no robotics, no computer programs, no websites, no referrals, no credits, no nothing. He is a scam. He’s really good at befriending people, but terrible at being a liar. He lies to so many people who joins his groups it is amazing why he has not been shut down by and taken up as a story by any local media. He said he was in a meeting with James Cameron -working on a project for space exploration. Really? Telling us this in a mall cafeteria? Or that he is working with a Frank L. Baum Wizard of Oz Family Estate, working with The Alice in Wonderland Estate, claims he has the rights to old movie scripts and old books, working with the BBC producers, Asian television markets. I doubt it. If he had any credibility, there would be some credit somewhere. But he has no online verification. HELLO: EVERYONE has the right because they are all in the public domain. WAKE UP!!! You don’t need a contract for that. He uses several aliases such as Chris Pang, Chris Lang, iisdaman, the facilitator, Carsten, Raymond, vondoors. He runs several groups (listed below) and thrives off of people’s free labour for years. He has not published anyone’s work. I suspect he is selling then online. He has hundreds of members. Thousands. But no results. With an attitude like that, he only has a quitters who wants to get away from him. He claims he will not take your money. He claims he is here to protect your rights. He claims he is a publisher. Bull. He claims he is an inventor, a philanthropist, a programmer, an entrepreneur. This guy thinks he’s Richard Branson. .

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