Megan Pavone

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Megan Pavone is a practiced liar and will say anything

Megan Pavone has a modus operandi that works for her more often than you’d think. That’s because she will get you to trust her. She will become friends with the girlfriend of the man she’s set her eyes on, and then she will weasel her way into their relationship. Why does she do this? Because she knows for a fact that she can’t get a man on her own.
This woman actually sent me pictures of my fiancé and her in bed together. I was obviously pissed and confronted her about it. She told me that they were only really good friends and thought I would buy it! I told her to stay away from him, but I’ve caught her trying to talk to him many times after that too. She tried to hook up with my friend’s boyfriend too. She can’t seem to hold a job. She gets fired from wherever it is she’s working for reasons like lying or fighting with her coworkers. She has actually lied to people saying she has a brain tumor and MS and shit like that. How sick is that?
You need to stay away from this woman.

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