Melissa Kreitman

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Direct express ripping people off

My wife has had multiple amounts of money stolen off of her Direct Express social security card. She has tried many times to call Direct Express and get the correct forms to fill out but she could never get through to anybody phone calls get hung up on automatically. There is a major scam going on where someone has hacked Direct express social security accounts of thousands of people just check out all the complaints online and you’ll see what I mean. Here is what you people need to do ASAP that have Direct Express, to stop yourself from getting ripped off anymore you need to go into your social security office and stop your money from going to direct express ASAP,Then you need to go to your local Bank open up an account then go back into your local Social Security office give them the account number and the routing number to your local bank Account, this process for your money getting re-routed to your local bank account might take up to 30 days this is the process my wife is at right now first thing everybody needs to do is stop your money from social security going into direct express and that can be done by going down at your local social security office, Good luck people

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