Melodi McMillan

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Melodi McMillan has no standards and she is pathetic

Melodi McMillan is a horrible excuse of a woman. She has no morals and will do exactly as she pleases. She pursued my fiancé even after she knew very well that he was with me. I mean, who even does something like that? What kind of a woman would be okay with screwing around with someone even after they know that another woman is waiting for the man at home? I guess only the worst kind of women are like this and Melodi certainly fits the picture.
I get that it takes two to tango. I know my idiot fiancé was at fault too. But I’ll ask you this. Would you let a man have sex with you without a condom for the very first time? She did. I know this for a fact. She has no self-respect at all.
Finally, my fiancé came to his senses. It didn’t take him too long, thankfully. He told her he wanted out. She became so bitter and angry when he did that! Any woman can be a hoe that men like to fuck, but it takes a good one to be a housewife.

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