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Published: 08 March 2019

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I am a Disabled Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran. I was transported by EMS to the ER with my Service Dog. When arrived at the ER I was put into a private room with my Service Dog which is prescribed by my Doctor for Military PTSD. I was approached by a nurse who told me she said “I couldn’t have my Service Dog as they don’t have the facilities for him”. I wasn’t in any condition to fight back and protect my rights. Being discriminated against me and fighting back that the hospital and the nurse violated ADA federal law and Colorado law interfering with a Service. The Nurse took my Service Dog from me. And took him out of the room. I was transferred in the to another facility for 2 weeks. I found out later from my wife that the ER nurse called her to pick up my Service Dog from the ER. My wife was called a further 2 more times by the ER staff to pickup my Service Dog. Harassing her to pickup my Service Dog. I attempted to resolve this matter and dealing with the patient coordinator and received excuses for there behavior and no apology for the treatment I received . .

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