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Published: 24 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I live in Canada. I travel to Duluth, MN a lot and I’ve spent thousands of dollars at the Menards store in Hermantown, MN. On Oct. 30 I purchased a snow blower at this store but knowing it wouldn’t fit in my car, I asked at the service desk it they could hold it for pick up until Nov. 26. I’d been told by a clerk in the snow blower department that usually they only hold pre paid merchandise for three weeks and I would be a few days over that. I was told that it would be “no problem” seeing as I’d come all the way from Canada. I’d had problems with customer service at this store before and told the service desk staff that I wanted assurances that my snow blower would be there when I drove back down on Nov. 26. Again I was told “no problem ma’am” We take care of our Canadian customers. I was told that once I’d paid for the blower, it would automatically be taken off the floor and placed in the back where I could pick it up at door 11. I went to the checkout and paid in full. I asked the service desk to put my name on the box because it was really important that the blower be there for me when I was making a special trip back down to get it. They reassured me that I would have no trouble. I rented a trailer and went to the store to pick up the blower as arranged on Nov. 26. They had sold my blower and every one of this model in all three of their local stores. I asked how this could possibly have happened given that their inventory is computerized. Once something is sold, how could they arbitrariy sell it again? The department manager, Brad Elms, told me they only hold merchandise for “two” weeks. I explained that I had been told three weeks but that his own service desk employees gave me an extension. He didn’t care and tried to sell me a more expensive blower. I asked to see the General Manager. Tom arrived, after being briefed by Brad and he refused to admit their mistake saying it was store policy to hold pre purchased merchandise for only ONE week. What? I told him they needed to get their stories straight. He refused to stand behind his employees assurances that my snow blower would be there for me. He couldn’t have cared less that I had rented a trailer and driven all the way down from Canada. He told me to come back if and when they got more snow blowers of the size I wanted or I could buy a bigger one. He offered no discount, store credit, nothing. In fact every solution he offered would have cost me more money but wouldn’t cost his store one cent. I contacted Menards head office by fax and email and was ignored. I kept sending letters until finally someone named Ray emailed me. They do not talk to customers by phone at head office. I believe it’s because it’s easier to blow people off and give them the run around by email. I got no where with Ray. He too, was unconcerned with the so called “policies” of this store. What concerns me the most is the blatant way that this chain advertises customer service and satisfaction. How can they get away with such false advertising? If anyone knows of a suit against this store for false advertising, I would be willing to be contacted.

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