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Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue Review

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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is the worst experience ever in dealing with a car dealership. I had been looking for a car for a while. Every time I walked in Mercedes Benz of Bellevue to inquire about a car, they had no idea where the particular car was and really didn’t seem to care to help me. I finally found a car I wanted, and went in to discuss my trade in. I worked with Dan Mclaren. He told me the price while I was there, and he told me he would call around the Land Rover dealerships to see if he could find someone to buy my car to see if they could give me more for my trade in. I had to pretty much keep following up with him because he didn’t call me back when he said he would. The next day the manager does a follow up call and wants to know how my test drive was. I wondered if he even talked to Dan, because if he had, he would have known I didn’t do a test drive because they could find the car. WOW! I then called Dan to find out about getting more on my trade in and he told me he was at 17K. That was where I wanted to be, so I went in to work the deal. Dan was busy with another customer, so I worked with someone else. I told the manager what Dan said he would give me, as I didn’t wanna keep negotiating and wasting time. He told me he couldn’t do it. So long story short Dan lied to me. I called him out on it and he tried to tell me he had never told me he would give me 17k for my car. What a joke. I left unhappy that I had just wasted an hour there for nothing. Fast forward a week, they still have the car so I go back and ask to have another car sales guy. I am now dealing with Athur Suriya. It was about 6pm on a Friday night. He said he could run my credit and they would approve me through the dealership. I had already been preapproved but I was trying to avoid having to put any money down. Anyway he said he finally got me approved with Bank of America at 8.9% interest. I said that was really high and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. I asked him if I could refinance and he told me no. So I called my bank right in front of him to see what they said and they told me I could refinance any time I wanted to. I told Arthur to go ahead and do the deal and HE SENT ME AWAY!!!! WITH A SIGNED PURCHASE AGREEMENT, AND TOLD ME TO THINK ABOUT IT. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! WHAT CAR SALESMAN SAYS THAT.?????????? THEN he has the nerve to text me the next morning that the car sold. WOW. i text him back and said I was disappointed in how Mercedes Benz Bellevue does busines and he texts me back and said he would be upset too, SERIOUSLY Arthur??!?!? You were dishonest with me and the reason I was upset is because of you. I know people in the car business and they all told me that if the car is paid off or refinanced within 90 days the car dealership and sales guy doesn’t get some part of the commission. So that is why he didn’t sell me the car knowing I was going to refinance it. SHADY. MERCEDES BENZ BELLEVUE, AND ARTHUR SURIYA ARE SHADY AND DAN MCLAREN LIED TO ME. So after all this mess I called Bank of America to see if Mercedes was even telling me the truth about the interest rate, and The bank had NO record of a car loan for me from mercedes. WTF, DID YOU JUST LIE ABOUT THE WHOLE THING??!?!?! Then TODAY, over a month after I was trying to buy that car, I get a letter from Mercedes Benz Bellevue saying I was denied a car loan. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?! I have had it with these people over there. They need to get their head out of where the sun don’t shine and get their act together. WORST CAR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE EVER. DONT BUY A CAR FROM THEM. SUCH A JOKE. AUTONATION/MERCEDES BENZ BELLEVUE. AUTONATION HAD JUST TAKEN OVER LITERALLY DAYS BEFORE THIS ALL HAPPENED, BUT THEY WEREN’T ANY BETTER WHEN THEY WERE BARRIER!!! I BOUGHT A 2011 MERCEDES SOMEWHERE ELSE AND TOOK IT TO SEATTLE FOR SERVICING. I will not deal with Bellevue EVER!!! Ridiculous DISHONEST!!!!!! .

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