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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Rick Clark terminated me with no reason or cause, Rick then proceeded to email me an agreement as fas as the money that I had earned as I was on salary. In this email, he also stated that I would be receiving a severance package. Karen reeves did not want to pay me a severence. After several emails were exchanged between us and their numbers were way off from mine. We had verbally agreed on an amount. I did not get the funds at midnight on Thursday as I was told I would. That was our normal pay roll schedule. I received another phone call from Rick Clark stating that because I contacted some MSG reps which I had brought on board to the company (At Rick Clark’s request) that I was in violation of the agreement and they would not pay me the severance. Rick Clark then proceeded to email me a very hateful email after I went out of my way to drive 20 minutes across town to drop off MSG’S property at UPS. While I was an employeee at this awful comapany, there were many compllaints from Reps that they had not been paid, couldn’t get their calls returned and that Rick Clark was a scam artist. Karen Reeves failed to pay the entire company one pay period and I was left cleaning up her mess as she never has time to talk to reps…..she and Rick Clark can make mistakes but no one else is allowed to. I have been called a lier by Rick Clark on two occassions without an ounce of proof. Karen reeves, the COO, asked me in an email to respond to her by email DO NOT call her. That is how MSG treats the people that works for them. Stay clear of these people and this company! .

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