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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On feb 28t2014 my 24 yo disabled daughter was brought to mercy san juan hospital by ambulance from vacavalley hospital in vacaville ca where i had taken her to the emergency room for repeated seizure activity that i could not stop on my own with all my training . where i was told to go park the car when i retuirned the receptioist told me to have a seat and when she was stabilized they would come out to get me. i told them that my boyfriend was in with my daughter to please send him out so i could go be with her…. they did no such thing but told me to be seated. 15 minutes later i was taken back to her where she was sedated and sleeping and seizures had stopped . i was then told by the nurse that they had done a drug test for meth on her and it had come back positive… first of all why would they even test her for that and second of all thats impossible i told her theres not a chance in hell that she could test positive she has never been exposed to it. they then tell me that they are sending her by ambulance for a 48 hour stay to monitor her seizures and that the hospital with the equipment to moniter seizures for that amount of time. i arrived at the hospital about 2 am where my daughter was stabil and alert and had a conversation with her about why i had forgot her cell phone at home. i left the hospital around 530 am for home at around 730 am i get a phone call from the doctor in I.C.u stating that my daughter was now on life support and in a sedated coma like stae … how is this possible that only 2 hours earlier she was stabil and conversing with me over her cell phone. and now shes on life support. 3 months later im being arrested and charged with intent to harm my own child. the entire 3 months i have been allowed to be bedside with my daughter alone and now im being charged with felony intent to harm her..why if thats what they believed ,would they leave me alone with her for 3 mos. i was given a stay away order and she was then in a convelesent hospital on a feeding tube and she was being starved to death. her skin was grey and she was unable to talk or walk on her own. and now in diapers. when she was out of the coma she was talking and looked like she was still in her same mind as her previous mental stae was before the seizures had staryted.. now we are almost 9 mos into this and she has been returned to mercy hospital and i have been given 1 hour a day supervised vists with her and she has completely lost her mind….she cant speak but very few words and they have had her tied at the anles wrist and waist to the bed for the last 5 mos. she has mood swings and outbreaks of hostillity and lashes out violently on the nurses and myself. everytime i go to visit her she has new bruises on her arms and legs and is rarely bathed her body odor is overwhelming and the hair on her arms and leggs is welllo over 3 inches long her teeth are coated with brown guck and her hair is glued to her head with the oil from being dirty. she is still on a feeding tube and never gets a drink of fluids nor is she on an I.V for hydration. im told that she cant eat or drink because she throws up and their afraid she will asperate… really…is that what they think im going to believe . they also tell me thast they gonna rehabilitate her so she can walk again but that hasnt happened eith because they say she wont cooperate. i would like to know why she has bruises all over her body if she is restrained. they say there self inflicted from flailing her arms and legs and them hitting the gaurd rasils on the bed… how is this possible when she is tied with restraints one inch from the rails and is only free when i free her during our visits one hour a day. she is suffering abuse at the hands of the staff at this hospital and no one will listen to me. not the police or adult protective services or her own court appointed attorney . my rights have been taken away and she now has a conservator her also does not hearme. i cannot afford an attorney and she needs an advocate to save her before they kill my child and pin it on me.

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