Dr. Jeffrey Krahling

Meriden dentist faces charges of sexually assaulting

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Published: 25 July 2017

Posted by: Elmer B. Pittman

MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) – A Meriden dentist has been charged with sexually assaulting one of his female patients.
A woman told police about the inappropriate actions of Dr. Jeffrey Krahling that made her feel violated.
Krahling, who works as a dentist in Meriden, was arrested after the police received a complaint against him, involving sexual charges.
Eyewitness News team visited his Meriden office on Thursday, but they were told that he wasn’t present at that moment.
Police carried the investigation and arrested Krahling in the case. The unidentified woman, in her complaint, said that she visited the doctor for the placement of a permanent crown on her tooth.
According to the details mentioned in the arrest warrant, the woman said that Krahling wrapped his legs around the chair while her head and chair was made to tilt backwards.
The arrest warrant further states that Krahling started grinding her teeth as a part of the procedure and at the same time she could feel his penis being rubbed over her head.
The woman also said that all this while, Krahling had been moaning and breathing heavily.
Police called the doctor to appear for an interview, but his attorney refused the same saying that Krahling would not be cooperating with the investigation.
According to reports with Meriden police, Krahling has a record of charges. As per Police’s statement, he has five different battery convictions and related arrest history in Ocean City and Bowie, Maryland. He’s due to appear in court later this month.
Eyewitness News gave out the news that the Connecticut Licensing Board is currently looking into the Meriden matter closely.

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