Meridian Green Apartments

Meridian Green Apartments

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Published: 19 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I moved into Meridian Green Apartments in 9/2010, my security deposit was $750. $150 of that was “non-refundable” and the remaining $600 was the actual security deposit. I submitted my notice to move in 6/2013. It was accepted and a “release from tenancy” form was obtained and signed. This releases me from any leasing obligations to & with Meridian Green Apartments. I inquired as to when I would be receiving my security deposit back and was told that “by breaking my lease, I automatically forfeited any claim to my security deposit and if I wanted it back, I should not have broken my lease.” I moved out of my apartment in 7/2013. I did an apartment exit walk through inspection w/Christie Bass, {current} property manager. She documented that everything was in “very” good condition on the exit form. She also went on to fraudulently charge me for cleaning the apartment. She stated “although you did clean the apartment I have to charge you for us having to clean the apartment before we can re-rent it.” She also fraudulently charged me for carpet cleaning, (the carpet was heavily soiled/stained when I moved into my apartment in 9/2010). Needless to say she also turned me over to Columbia Collections for failure to pay the cleaning & shampoo charges. Some how my “move-in” check list came up missing. I sent a letter demanding my security deposit. I received no response. In April of 2014, I filed suit in small claims court citing multiple violations of RCW 59.18.230 (sections 1-4), and had her served. Christie Bass then filed a counter suit, claiming that I owed back rent for the months of July and August of 2018 totalling $2,244.99. In her counter suit against me, she stated that she “demanded payment” and that I “refused to pay.” During court (6/2014), I submitted the following documents: a copy of my lease with Meridian Green Apartments, my exit walk through form stating that the apartment was in very good condition, my release from tenancy form, and a letter from H.U.D. stating that “they have no record of Meridian Green Apartments notifying them of any rent owing in my file.” I stated the reasons for my suit and the judge reviewed my evidence. Christie Bass (Meridian Green Apartments current property mananger), presented her evidence; a copy of my lease highlighting the section claiming that “breaking the lease forfeits ones rights to their security deposit and that it will not be applied to any balances owed to the property.” She could not produce anything stating she demanded payment. She also presented an “undated revised” statement of “my security deposit account.” This document clearly states “ledger acct at move-out” = $0, “summary of charges & credits balance at move-out” = $0. In the section “total balance at move-out” she (Christie Bass) inputs the amount owing as “$2,844.99.” She then credits my “forfeited” $600 leaving me with the “balance owing” of $2,244.99. The judge awarded in my favor. He also told her that I do have the right to sue her and Meridian Green Apartments for defamation of character seeing as how she unscrupulously and maliciously turned me over to a collections agency (who reported me to all 3 major credit bureaus). These actions in turn will have long term negative effects on my credit history & character. Also note, she violated RCW 59.18.240 by counter suing me. As long as Christie Bass is the property manager at Meridian Green Apartments I’d advise any and everyone to avoid renting there or to proceed with caution because she can not be trusted. Christie Bass = NO integrity. liar. deplorable. flawed. unscrupulous. malicious. perjurer. hubristic. arrogant. omnipotent. deceptive. forgerer. victimizer. scandalizer. slanderer. libeler. Laviathan (Job 41)< I am only speaking of what I can prove based upon “MY” interactions with Christie Bass the current property manager of Meridian Green Apartments in Kent Washington. I can NOT and will NOT speak for or on any one elses behalf. I am but 1 person.

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