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Published: 02 October 2019

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OK going to make this short and sweet. I was called upon by a sales rep from First American Payment System. Telling me they could save me money with my merch service. I told them I have a machine that works great and only need the service. I didn’t want a new machine. So this lady puts me on the phone with another sales rep. He say that he sent me an email and I need to open it as we talk. So I open the email. He said, “click all the esigniture boxes. So I clicked on a bunch of boxes. We went through 15 pages with real small print. The store at the time was very busy, I didn’t have time to read the fine print. I woke my store by myself. One other employ works on my day off. So I’m dealing with customers at the same time signing up. I told him I was to busy to do this at the time but he said it would only take a little while to complete. So that was my first mistake. I should have taken the time to read the fine print. After I had time, I notice that I was in a 48 month lease. WTH? So i called back. It took 3 different people to get back to the sales rep. He said you need a new machine. I told him I have one that works fine. He told me I would even notice the fee because it was so little. Well the next month bank staitment arived. Yes, I did notice the fee. $35.82 a month taken out of my bank by a company I didn’t reconise. Merimac Capital. 48 months of this. F Me and then the service fees from First American. So I did the math and they took out 3.5% in fees that month. I called First American and they said they don’t know who Merimac Capital was. They do know because they are one in the same. Just lied to me because that’s all they know how to do. I told Merimac on the phone after a good 45min wait, that I was sending back their machine and didn’t want to do business with em. They said I still needed to pay of the lease. $1500 payoff $150 for the maching and $595 for early withdrawl fee. So $2245 for a machine I didn’t need nor wanted. Also the sales rept told me that they would pay off my old merchant early withdawl fee if I signed up. They never did. The old merchant took out $600 and I only had 4 months to go on a 3 year contract. So even sending back the machine after one month use. Closing my back account of 11 years. I got nasty letters from First American Payment System saying they would turn me over to collections. I got a phone call from this dude by the name of Paxton 817-317-2972 if you want to call him. He told me that they didn’t care if i was a S Corp. or not. They had my SS He was going to ruien my credit score if I didn’t pay. I’ve been working on my credit all of my lfe. I’m in the top 2% a 845 score. I didn’t want this. I told him that I really need this money to stay afloat. If anything I could use it to help pay my doctor bills. I just had a baby boy and could use this money. No can do. Send us the money or we send you out to collections. I then told him about sending me a machine that only did credit not Debit. I told hime that I was told 0% on all Debit. The machine never did Debit. He got a funny sound in his voice and said he would look into this and call me back. He called back saying that they would wave the fees and he would send me a bill. They never sent me a bill. Only a nasty letter saying that they let me off easy. I just need to pay $1000 and the lease would be paid in full and all would be well. OR they send me out to collections. So I ended up paying them the $1000, losing $595 to the other merchant service co. for early withdrawl fees. Make a long store short. Do Not Ever Use First American Payment Systems. If someone calls from this company. Hang Up!!! I just saved you thousands of dollars.

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