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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a Merrick Bank credit card in which I fell behind a few payments. To catch up on my payments I made a payment while talking to one of the Merrick Bank agents on the phone. He told me that my account was stilll open and that the funds will be available for me to use after my payment was done and he gave me a discount on my late fees too. So after I made the payment I waited a few days for the payment to show on my account and have the funds available for me use. The payment never was available so I called Merrick Bank and was told that my account was closed because of the late payment. I then told them that the agent that received the payment from me told me that my account was open and current on all monthly payments. The agent that I was talking to then told me that there is nothing that she could do because my account was closed even though she could see on her system that I made the payment and brought my account current. She then put me on the phone with a admin and I was told that they could ask that my account be reviewed and maybe my accont could be reactivated…this did not happen and I was denied. So 2 months later I start getting phone calls from Merrick Bank asking me when I was going to be able to make my monthly payment because I was accruing late fees. I asked the agent why am I being charged late fees when my account is closed…I should only have to pay the rest of what my is owed on my card. The agent told me that according to their policy that they can still charge me a late fee every month until I pay off what is owed on my card. So I want to know how can Merrick Bank close my account, but still charge me a monthly late fee????? She continued to ask me to make a payment and I told her no because they should have sent me to a collection agency and her reply was the my accoiunt is in their Merrick Bank Collections Office. This does not seem right to me because any other place would have sent me to collections and then I would have to just deal with what is owed without getting a monthly late fee added on to the card balance. So can anyone tell me how Merrick Bank can do this and if it is legal?

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