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NOT a good dental clinic. Outrageously expensive!

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Published: 16 May 2019

Posted by: Lillie

Mesa Modern Dentistry is a mix of excellent staff and horrible billing. I’m not a hater and I will tell you that the staff at Mesa Modern Dentistry is one of the best in the area, however, this staff comes at very steep prices that are sometimes over the roof. Their polite behaviours are not enough to make up for the outrageous amount of money they ask you to pay them. The billing makes Mesa Modern Dentistry, one of the most outrageous and worst clinics in the whole country. I went to Mesa Modern Dentistry to get a simple root canal with a crown. My usual dentist was out of town and he suggested that I go to Mesa Modern Dentistry because one of his relatives actually worked there. Before booking an appointment I Googled this clinic and only found good reviews about it. So I decided to call and book the appointment. The staff was very nice to me but Dr Ho was kind of grumpy. She even slapped my hand when I twitched accidentally. Dr Ho was really intimidating but it wasn’t much of a problem. The main problem arose when I was handed the bill by the receptionist. I was charged well over $2300 for the simple crown and root canal. And that is just cash, they had already deducted a lot of money from my insurance and this was on top of it. Paying this crazy amount for a simple root canal and crown seemed stupid, moreover, I was told that the procedure would cost nothing more than $900-$1100 and this was double that amount! I paid the amount and went my way without uttering a single word. I told all my friends about my experience and I was having a good time until 2 months later when I received an email from Mesa Modern Dentistry stating that I owe then $692. I was baffled when I read this email, I paid them the full amount which itself was twice than the normal rates and now they were asking me for 700 more! I had to pay the seven hundred to avoid any conflict, but this clarified that Dr Ho is a hoe for money. Mesa Modern Dentistry is a place run by greed and you should definitely avoid it. They don’t get many patients and they have to make it up for it by charging any patient that they get, with the most money they possibly can. Dr Ho suggested me to have laser therapy for my gums, she told me that I have unhealthy gums and the laser therapy would take care of that issue. To make sure that she wasn’t scamming me, I got a second opinion on my gums from another dentist and he said that my gums are totally healthy. I would advise all of you to GO ANYWHERE ELSE and avoid Mesa Modern Dentistry at all costs. I was lucky that I had my savings, otherwise, I would be in a lot of debt.

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