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I would also suggest everyone not to visit Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry. 

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Published: 12 August 2019

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Tooth decay has been a common problem in this era, every other kid gets infected by it and my son was also one of them. At first, he was scared to visit a dentist but after too much of motivation, he finally decided to get himself checked-up. Now, after the treatment, he is even more scared of visiting a dentist because of his experience in the Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry. Since the name seemed very much attractive and family type we decided to take appointments from the same. Nothing could get worse than this.
I made an appointment over a phone call and our appointment was fixed at 2 pm. To be a punctual guardian I reached 15 minutes before my allotted time. The place was already crowded and I realized that being on time was a total waste because I had been kept on wait till 3:15 pm. The staff member looked serious and even acted the same. Whenever my kid tried to do some kind of activity in the waiting room the staff would scold him to get back to me or he would take him away, I didn’t bother this much because he was a 10-year-old kid and cannot stay calm all the time. The surrounding (staff) should be friendly and communicative but the staff member here was terrible.
I was finally called in by the doctor and as soon as I stepped into the room I could smell a pungent smell which was very disturbing. I requested him to get rid of it but my words seemed not to disturb and pardon him. My kid was called upon by the doctor and after oral checking was done, he became very furious regarding the condition of his (kid) teeth and scolded him for having junk food and also warned him not to do so anymore. My child was very scared by the time and was on a verge of crying until I went up to him and cheered him up. The dentist then told me about his condition and decided to undergo fluoride treatment to get rid of the cavity. I happily agreed with it and told him to proceed. I had no idea this could turn into an awful treatment for my kid. The dentist seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to complete his work quickly. The amount of fluorine that he used for my child was way too extra and he started vomiting because of it. Fluorine fell in his mouth due to the doctor’s carelessness. He had to rinse his mouth multiple times to get rid of the taste. I requested him to be careful with his work to which he said that he is a doctor, not a machine that everything would be perfect. It was very rude of him and he may be a professional doctor but he does lack having a good manner. He was always very rude and bossy with both of us. I would never look upon a doctor like this!

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