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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Property Preservation is meant to provide services to maintain properties owned by banks. Companies hire subcontractors to do the work and pay for the work. MLDM aka Meticulous Landscape Design Maintenance based out of Orlando has added a new twist. MLDM gets work from a Field Service Company who gets the work from the banks. MLDM instead of handling the work assigned themselves hire people they label as subcontractors to do the actual work. These unsuspecting souls use their own equipment, pay their own gas and are promised pay. After doing a large amount of work, spending alot of money to run all over getting the work done, pay is manipulated to leave the ones who did the work in dire straights to increase Michael and Tanya Weckler DeGeorge income at the expense of the people trying to earn an honest living and support their families. Tanya DeGeorge cuts everyones pay in a snarly heartless manner and Michael DeGeorge taunts you that you should have enough money to work without pay. Crazy Ridiculous. They send you out to properties that are occupied telling you to gain access. One of these days someone will be surprised and shot as intruders. They give you work orders, already late and say they wont pay because the work was late or they double assign the work and you get there to find someone else was just there n no one gets paid, although the work was done. Thete are so many illegal ways not to pay and they try everyone of them. I saw ads run on Craigslist after I got completedly cheated and scammed for almost $1500.00 and alot of aggravating lies and conieving from the DeGeorges, which no amount of pay can cover. I then decided to run my own ads to see what victims might respond. I was in no way expecting the enormous response for people that was treated EXACTLY the way I was. People described in detail the same deceptive practices and most were cheated on the average of $2000. Some were only out as low as $500 since they pulled out sooner than others. Since the ads would ony get a small percentage of people seeing the ad, I was really troubed that these shisters dont pay ALOT of money to ALOT of people. Labor Laws protect emplyees but the DeGeorges have their own setup where they do just as they want and skirt the law by calling these people subcontractors. They just avoid the labor laws which would fine them and protect. earned pay. .

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