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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When you sign up for Safeguard Dental HMO (Met Life Dental HMO), the prices are listed and it shows exactly what’s covered and how much your co-pay is. When you go to ANY of the dentists listed on the list (you have to choose one dentist and that is your dentist – you can change once per month at the beginning of the month, but it doesn’t matter – of the nearly dozen dentists my wife and I have had, we have run into the same problem every time). The co-pay for a crown is $150. The dentist first told my wife that her co-pay with deep cleaning was $1900. She told them she didn’t want the deep cleaning, and just to do the crowns. They told her she has to have the deep cleaning, since that was the dentists orders. She told them she isn’t doing it at all, and how much is it for just two crowns. They told her $800. She called the insurance, and they confirmed that the $150 was her copay, not $800. They did say the dentist can charge whatever he wants for lab fees, and this is the trick – The dentist will charge $200 for “Irrigation” with Listerine, or $500 for “lab fees,” which is not the price he charges cash or PPO patients. It’s illegal, and it’s a scam. We cannot find one single dentist who will stick to the HMO plan, and keep getting the runaround with every dentist, telling us that they don’t do that work listed on the co-pay sheet, and we need to get special work done, or some other BS unethical crap. How is it that EVERY SINGLE DENTIST on the list is a crooked, money-grubbing ripoff? TOTALLY UNETHICAL. We would just have them do the work and take them to small claims, but they won’t do the work approved by our nsurance. Yes, our problem is with both the dentists themselves, but the insurance will not stop their relationship with the crooked dentists. The insurance is making money because the dentists won’t do the big work, and the dentists are making money because they get paid very well for preventative care, like cleanings, x-rays, fillings, etc. It’s totally worth it to the dentists to have these HMO patients, because most of them will just pay cash to get the major work done. I’m so sick of insurance companies promising something that they don’t give. Like the saying says, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!” DON’T EVER CHOOSE SAFEGUARD DENTAL HMO!

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