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MG Dentistry is just a SCAM and people should avoid it.

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Ruth

I had an appointment at MG Dentistry for a simple dental procedure. And I had my worst experience of life there. Being a model, I have travelled a lot and thus have gone to many dentists, but none of them was as bad as the ones at MG Dentistry. I never had a problem related to my oral health until I went to MG Dentistry. Dr Chan of MG Dentistry was performing a simple x-ray and cleaning on my teeth when he chipped off a small portion of my front tooth. She was definitely not concentrating on the task and she kept dropping a particularly heavy tool INTO my f***king mouth. And then she even complained that it was very “stressful and irritating” for her. The sharp edges of the tool were cutting my mouth and even though I told her to stop, she didn’t listen to me. She said,” your mouth is abnormally small, so can you please not say another word!” Seeing her behaviour, I told her that I did not want to get the X-rays done, but she didn’t listen to me this time as well! I had x-rays done last year at another dentist so I told her that I did not need a new one and she could simply use the last one, but then she refused and threatened me by saying,” I will not do the cleaning or even do the examination if you don’t get the x-rays, and I will have to charge you for the full procedure.” I’m not the richest girl and I don’t have a crazy amount of money, so I agreed with her to avoid any conflicts or unnecessary bills. Having many x-rays done, I understand that they are not really comfortable, however, the one I got at MG Dentistry was unbelievably painful. Dr Chan was very rude and she kept making remarks about how short I am and she even stated,” Have anyone ever told you that you are not really that attractive” why would anyone say that to anyone under ANY circumstances. It just doesn’t make sense to me. When the x-rays ended, Dr Chan cleaned my teeth after which she did a small examination. She told me that I should be brushing my teeth FIVE TIMES EVERY DAY! I’m not a dentist or hygienist, but even I know that brushing 5 times is just going to harm the gums and is totally unnecessary. I was feeling pain in my front teeth and when I check it in the mirror, I found out that my left front teeth have become SHORTER than the right one. I asked her how the hell this happened and she just laughed it off! She said that if I want to get my teeth perfected then I would have to come back with another $250 for cosmetic surgery. I just left the place and I will never go back there again.

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