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Fraudster, Scamster, Conman and Biggest Liar EVER

Michael Bach, of Drezden Capital who claims to be an investment banker, only to ‘phish’ for client’s bank account routing details so he can misuse them and steal their money and then vanish. That is all he does and that is all he knows- fooling people, conning people, defrauding them of their money and luring them so they fall for his viscious trap is his expertise and he is really good at that. He is criminal minded person who has no moral or ethics, he does not care about anything or anyone, all he cares and knows is to con people and run away with their money, i have lost enough money and time because of him and then after chasing him. i had recently come across various negative links on the internet as well about him but surprisingly they all disappeared. i have emailed the concerned websites and have even informed google regarding the same. A con man like this needs to be exposed and remain exposed, so that no more innocent people fall for his trap and become victims. He needs to be apprehended by the authorities and i have enough evidence against him and his firm Drezden Capital to send him to prison. How can man be so criminal minded and be such a thief?! He does not fear the law, he doesnt fear anything which is what makes it worse. I know many victims and i will also be getting in touch with as many as possible so we could take a consolidated legal course of action and ensure that this man not only goes to prison but never comes out of it and sees the day light. He truly deserves to be away from the society for the good for all of us. i lost my hard earned money and all my saving just because i trusted him and all his claims, i wish i had not fallen for all of that, i am facing severe financial problems at my home and within my family and i dont know what to do or how to recover my money. Hopefully the authorities catch hold of him and give all the victims their money back .


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