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Don’t Trust Michael Legrande. He is more concerned about milking money, spreading shit around

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Dorothea M. Carroll

When tragedy strikes, it doesn’t come alone. I was in a bit of financial crisis. I started looking for people and agencies to help me secure loan. I’m not quite aware when I started to act desperate and lost control. The meeting with Michael Legrande was a result of that. I’ve no better explanation for that. The guy is shit from head to feet. I was busy thinking of how to fix things I never paid attention to his cruel intentions. He contacted me on 16th June. I thought I got my savior.
MPL Financial is nothing but another scam. They trick you into paying upfront fees. I’d no time to lose. I was also under the impression scam artists trick big people, big institutions. This is what we’ve been fed by society and system. I was completely unaware of the kind of danger I was walking towards. I made the transaction on 17th June.
MPL Financial decided to cut the ties and leave me behind. I’d no contact from these guys for the next three days. I was abandoned by these guys. Technically, I was in bigger shit. I’d lost more money and I need to start from scratch.
Michael Legrande is killing people. I was tricked, betrayed. I started acting strangely. It was one of those moments where people end-up doing something bad out of frustration and bad luck. I resisted the urge. I knew I cannot afford to make another mistake. The focus was to repair the damage done by Michael and focus on financial issue.
Somehow, I was able to fix things over the next couple of weeks. I’d never forgiven or forgotten about MPL Financial. I wanted to have enough time before I go after them. I got my chance when I heard of another scam episode.
These scam artists were growing in confidence and strength. There were almost no complaint or reviews against them. I was shocked to see that. I’d have a got a chance to skip MPL Financial, had I known about their wrongdoings at the right time.
I wanted to kill the vicious cycle. This was the only chance to stop scammers. It boils my blood to see Michael Legrande busy finding new targets and cheating them. I broke into pieces to see that he was never challenged. I hated myself for that.
I request people to come forward and file complaint against scammers. They can share and educate others by talking about it. I know these reviews would strike a killer blow.
U should know that Michael is no licensed mortgage broker. Dere is no need to pay upfront to him. U should ask him to arrange the loan and take the whole payment afterwards. This is the only way you can outlive or outperform him. I’m pretty sure he would stop chasing you and go out in search of another victim. This is the best way to deal with him.

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