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Published: 18 January 2019

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Michael B. McConnell a.k.a. Michael “Mancini” McConnell, is a serial adulterer originally from Jamaica Queens, NY. Mike was born on September 26th, 1978. Mike has been unemployed for most of his life and started a bunch of failed ventures in the event planning and marketing field. One such venture is Team Mancini Lifestyle, a now inactive “non profit” event management company. In 2010, Mike was married to a very nice woman, and he cheated on her repeatedly both before and during their marriage. In late 2012 Mike started cheating with serial baby mama Taren Guy, a formerly popular natural hair vlogger known for her loose, scandalous ways, neglect of her kids, and sleeping with other women’s husbands. Mike’s wife discovered a steamy sex chat between him and Taren when he left his gmail account open. In the chat they reference specific sex acts, including the use of an anal plug, which Taren apparently needs to be able to get off. In early 2013, Mike’s wife booted him from their house, which she owns and had been paying most of the bills for. She had also been providing for Mike’s son from a previous relationship. Mike was put out with his few possessions, which included a rusty bike and clothes. Homeless and broke, Mike began shacking up with Taren, an insecure woman of loose morals and no conscience. Like Mike, Taren is also unemployed and a high school dropout with no real prospects. Before Mike, Taren had given birth to 3 babies by 3 different men all by the age of 29. After she got bored of the novelty of motherhood, she abandoned her babies into the care of family members and the foster care system. She previously used her two autistic sons to scam her followers for money in a fake Autism awareness charity, and later pocketed the $12,000 made during the fundraiser. Together, Taren and Mike claim that they are soulmates (she actually said these words to Mike’s wife). Taren gave birth to a baby boy in Sept 2014. This would be her 4th child by a 4th man, if you’ve managed to lose count. Taren and Mike continue to live together, and she has started wearing a ring claiming that they are engaged. The problem is that Mike is still legally married to his wife. Taren and Mike were recently evicted from her apartment, forcing them to move to the crime ridden ghettos of East Orange, NJ, into a dingy apartment. To earn money, they have resorted to running fake fundraiser scams, purporting to be raising money for an online content network called AreyaTV. Taren and Mike were unable to provide a business plan and proper budget for Areya when asked. Her followers were generally mistrustful, and altogether the campaign managed to raise a paltry $440 out of the $80,000 she was asking. They also managed to scam a real life friend out of a 5-sum figure, in addition to other friends who invested in their scam. Recently it was revealed that Mike had been stalking a woman he met at a business party in 2013, constantly sending her text messages and emails. It is suspected that he has already cheated on Taren. Someone also discovered he had an active profile on dating site Plenty of Fish, which was hastily deleted when discovered. Taren and Mike have failed to show any remorse for the various wrongs they have done, and therefore they deserve to be exposed by any means necessary and to suffer the consequences of their actions. Taren, for neglecting and abandoning her children, scamming her followers, and cheating with various married men. Mike, for cheating on his wife with Taren and aiding her in her money scams. .

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