Michael Perelgut

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Stay away from Dr. Michael Perelgut! He’ll rip you off and very likely kill you!

Dr. Michael Perelgut is a jack of all trades. He is an orthodontist, a periodontist, and cosmetic teeth whitening guy. He had been my dentist for as long as I could remember until one day, he wasn’t! He did whatever he thought he could do, which was basically EVERYTHING! He considered himself the specialist of everything. However, slowly and steadily, I found out that he wasn’t the dental wizard he made everyone think he was!
The first thing that led to my realization was when he replaced a bridge instead of a crown in my back molar without giving me a choice to decide for myself which one I wanted. He ultimately filled two of my good teeth in order to support the bridge without bothering to have any discussion with me about the subject!
Another mistake he made was with the Invisalign. He gave me the night retainers and then didn’t bother to care about the fact that they hadn’t been replaced in 2 years and I had to keep on reminding him and be doggedly after him.
My patience snapped when while doing my laser teeth whitening, he left a really nasty chemical burn on my lower front teeth gum area. He didn’t even bother apologizing for it and was totally nonplussed and carefree as if nothing had ever happened. Of course, he denied all responsibility for the same. It turned yellow after a week because of the infection and I had to nurse my gums back to health myself with the help of Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, and Peridex because his recommendation was waiting out the infection instead of treating it.
I was really wary of visiting him again at his offices or getting treated by him. He was very verbally abrasive and definitely psychopathic! Moreover, he had a weird power dynamics in his office. I wasn’t especially worried about his tongue running away with him because I knew how to handle him. Funny enough, he never tried to play that game with me, probably because I was a loyal and paying customer instead of an insurance case. I decided that without a doubt, I needed a new dentist, though I still continued visiting the dental hygienist once a year or so for my teeth cleanings.
One of my girlfriends was also a patient of his and at one of her regular sessions, the doctor yanked one of her back molar tooth that had to be removed so hard that she felt like he’d fractured her jaw. Even when she protested, he persistently continued. He knew that what he was doing was wrong but admitted that he wanted the entire thing out in one go instead of breaking the tooth into pieces.
My friend had PTSD from the experience and was left really traumatized. She decided he was no more getting paid by her for anything.
We signed the release document and asked him to transfer all our X-rays to our new dentist but of course, he had excuses ready not to send the same! Well, no surprise there!
If you care about your mental health and the health of your teeth, I would suggest you to be smart and maintain your distance from this nutcase!

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