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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I wish I had never heard of Mid-Atlantic Finance, I had this bad feeling from the first day I dealt with them that there was going to be problems. I bought a car in February 2014 from Credit Cars, Georgetown KY, I was three payments into the loan when I received a phone call from a very rude woman saying she worked for the bank that Credit Cars uses. She was asking a lot of information that seemed very odd, she had old contact information and an address that I had changed with Credit Cars. She was very selective on what she would say and it wasn’t until I started getting a little testy that she explained that they were just verifying all my information for Credit Cars. I immediately called Credit Cars and was told my loan was being sold to this company, I just had this sick feeling in my stomach about it. Within the next week I received so many letters from these people, welcome, insurance verification and a payment booklet. The booklet made no sense as it had my loan until Oct. 2016, which it was a two year loan, how could that be? I didn’t think much else about this until later in the month when Credit Cars called to tell me that Mid-Atlantic had been trying to get a hold of me and was having no luck. They were actually calling the woman I was temporarily staying with who I had a restraining order against, even though i had told them please take her off my account information, this only created more problems. Credit Cars told me they had nothing else to do with my car and everything would have to go through Mid-Atlantic. When I was with Credit Cars I was on their “A” list of customers, meaning that I paid on time and kept insurance on the vehicle. i finally spoke with someone in customer service and she explained how I would need to make the payments, a crock that you have to pay to make a payment, I was not about to give them my checking account information. My original payment had been due on the 27th of the month and I explained that I am on disability and get paid the fourth Wed of the month, so there would be months where I did not get my check until the 28th, I was told as long as the payment was in by the first there would be no problems. Now this next part I fully admit is my fault and mine alone. My first payment was coming due and my fiancee had gone on a drinking binge woth about $400, I had no idea that he had a problem with alcohol until this point. I called first thing Friday morning to speak with Bill the owner of Credit Cars. I did not want to run away from my problem and figured there should be something we could work out if I was honest. I also was waiting on a settlment check that I knew I would be getting in the next few weeks and I could make a double payment if necessary. I waited all day for Bill to call, he called at 6pm just as this repo company showed up at my door. I started screaming and yelling, as Mid Atlantic had said I had til the first, this was only the 27th, what the heck? This repo company was a joke, did not even have a tow truck, it looked like someone from up in the hills, no paperwork, no nothing. Bill spoke with my fiancee and said he would give us until Monday to make the payment, he would not listen at all to what the situation was. If there was any way we could have gotten the money we would have, but i have no family and hardly know anyone here in KY, I just moved here in February. I decided that Monday morning I was going to call Mid-atlantic and something just seemed fishy, if they owned the loan then how could Bill from Credit Cars call the shots? The first person I spoke with was nice enough but then I was transfered to someone that was supposedly my account rep. I had never spoken with her before and I was completely honest that my fiancee had screwed up, he was seeking treatment and was there anything we could work out. She was the rudest person ever and said nope, you are a new client and if you do not make the payment immediately we will be taking the car. I was beyone upset as this was a very upsetting time for me obviously and this attitude just made it even worse. Within one hour of that phone call my car was gone. How is it my fault that this loan was sold to Mid-atlantic and now I was again a new customer? I had been perfect up until this point. And come to find out, Bill at Credit Cars never had my vehicle registered. The county clerk had mentioned to me that Bill does shady practices and I confronted him on it and he said oh they don’t know what they are talking about. Somehow I got a plate and tags on the car but when the police ran my plate in June it came back as not registered to anyone. How can an upstanding business do something like this? All I have to say is I hope that Credit Cars and Mid Atlantic are real happy to have that piece of crap car back, they did me a favor. .

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