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Published: 04 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Although we read threads online regarding how important it is to appreciate your body type, it is also important that we understand how obesity is a life-threatening problem if it is not treated properly. It took me some to realize this but once I looked at the matter of obesity from a life-threatening point of view, I decided to not just sit back and relax but do something about it. Even after working out for a month, there was no significant improvement. My mother advised me to get medical treatment as there are various types of treatments regarding obesity. I too understood the gravity of the situation and therefore decided to start looking for clinics specializing in these types of procedure. I did not want to hurriedly choose any clinic and therefore I took my time before finally selecting a place.
It took me some time before I finally decided to go to Mid Florida Age Management. After reading the reviews and reading about their procedures online, I was convinced that it would be the right place for me. I scheduled an appointment and went to their clinic before the scheduled time to not be late. The ambience seemed fine until I requested one of the staff members for a glass of water. Although she did me bring me a glass, she cursed me under my breath and I heard her calling me a ‘fat bitch’. I decided to ignore this uncompassionate act and go into the doctor’s cabin.
The doctor was too busy to listen to my problems as something more important than me was there on her cell phone. After almost making me wait for half an hour, she told me to state my problems. I told her about how I was not being able to lose weight despite working out and maintaining my diet. After listening to me, she gave me a long lecture about how I am a fool to think that simply working out will make me lose all my weight. She stated that she would be going to use the acupuncture and acupressure method to take care of my problems.
The sessions started soon. On the very first day, I saw a glimpse of the doctor’s unprofessionalism. The first pin that she put on my shoulder, to release ‘stress’, she pressed a little too hard and instead of providing me relief, the first emotion I felt was a pain. It started bleeding right then and there. Instead of even stopping for a moment, she did not even bother putting a bandage. This type of incidents kept happening. Sometimes, she placed the pin in the wrong place. Once, I was not able to move my elbow because of the wrong placement of the pin.
After several weeks of treatment and seeing no improvement, I realized that all that the clinic was concerned about was making money. I decided to stop the treatment as instead of healing me, it was hurting me more.
I would strongly advise against going to the horrendous place where there is not even a shred of emotion in anyone and the main aim in to make money of people’s suffering.

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