Mid South Maximum Field Services/Zabrina Paullin

Mid South Maximum Field Services/Zabrina Paullin Review

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Published: 21 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed up as a house inspector with Mid South Maximum Field Services and Zabrina Paullin ripped me off. She lied to me about the amount of of money I would receive for certain inspections. I used my funds and resouces to perform these inspections believing I would be paid in a timely manner and the correct amount. In order to even get the fraudulent amount that she paid me, I had to threaten her with criminal prosecutions for mail and wire fraud. Zabrina Paullin and Lorie Stark receive the money from the mortgage companies for these inspections. Then they refuse to pay the people who actually do the inspections. This is fraud. Now, they refuse to provide me with a 1099 for income tax purposes and refuse to return my call. A total rip off and intended to deprive the people that they suck into their with their own resources as we were required to use our own resources for 30 days before even getting paid, and then they either don’t pay or pay a lesser amount that they agreed to in the contract. .

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