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They do unnecessary tests for filling their pockets.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Sandee

I had taken my cat to this place thinking it was the right place to get her treated. It was a huge mistake. This place is bad in many areas. I don’t know where to begin. If you’re thinking of taking your pet to Midland Animal Clinic, then think a hundred times because this place sucks. The doctors are inattentive and there is literally no communication between the staff. The receptionist wouldn’t know what the doctor said and the doctor wouldn’t know who is at the reception. Just a terrible set of people are working here. I’d advise you to find a vet who is experienced and has better staff.

My cat was breathing weirdly and there was something wrong with her nose, so I had taken her to this clinic. The receptionist told me to wait for some time. The wait wasn’t long but the way the helper was behaving made me realize that I had made a mistake by coming here. The helper’s first reaction on seeing my cat was ‘Ew, that’s an ugly cat’. What the hell? How could she even say that? Just because my cat was sick, she called her sick. And she kept mumbling ‘Gross, gross’ when she was touching my cat. I told her that I can hold my cat if she had any problems. I don’t know why she even works there if she doesn’t like animals this much. I even asked her if something was wrong. She said nothing. We waited for around 15 minutes before the doctor came. He inspected my cat and told me that she needed to undergo a number of tests. They did the tests and after seeing the results, he told me that my cat had an allergic reaction. Now, here is a weird thing. He had told me to get an x-ray done. What was the purpose of that? Why would a doctor need to look at the skeleton of a cat for an allergic reaction? I’m guessing he did that for some additional charges. Because the place was pretty stranded, I mean there weren’t many people there.

The tests he had told me to get done weren’t related to the allergy at all. I asked him what was the relationship between the x-ray and the allergy of my cat but he just told me that he knew what he was doing. Again, what the hell? Finally, after getting meds for my cat, the doctor told me that I’ll get the bill at the reception. When I went there the receptionist said goodbye without even handing me the bill. I asked her about it and she told me that she wasn’t aware of any bills. She told me to wait for a few minutes. And then she got busy with her phone. I got the bill a few minutes later. Like I told you, this place is completely messed up. They have no sense of professionalism or care. Everything’s wrong with this hospital.

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