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Published: 23 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I filed a Modification with Midland Mortgage bank two years ago and know they sent me a letter stating that they will not inforce a statement that was put in the modification agreement. They increased my monthly payments stating that its becuase of my taxes and insurance. According to Midland my escrow went up and therefore they had to increase my payment to cover. I contacted my insurnce compnay and they stated that my monthly payments has been reduced in the past serveral months. I had a great standing with Citibank, A 30 yr VA Mortgage, then my mortgage got taken over by Midland. I had no issues with my mortgage then out of the blue I am having all these problems dealing with Midland Mortgage who took over. I have tried contacting VA whom had no luck dealing with them either. Throughout all this Midland was not able or just refuse to give me an answer on my problem even when I sent them the new payment and proof that my taxes have decreased due to the fact that I am currently a militay service member on disablity. This to me has gone way out of hand and each two weeks not months, I recieve a statement in the mail with a new amount that they consider to be my new monthly mortgage payment. My payment for April was $1,5250 the month of May was INCREASE of $186 and just last week my new payment incease another $120 more. I’m so baffled right now I am lost for words and confidence in the system, whether it be banking, loan departments or third-party lenders. Please people why are these big companies allowed to make decisions for me and you? the last time I checked the Consitition was for the people, and that is what I fought for you the people. I am trying my hardest to stay afloat and support my family the best way I know how but each step I take I am being tramplled on by the bigger heads and their co-operations just because they can. When wil this stop? who has a voice for us the smaller people? who will say enough is enough?.

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