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What a horrifying experience! Extremely painful!

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Published: 01 July 2019

Posted by: Cheryl

My last visit to the dentist (at Midlothian Dental Centre) has left me so horrified that I am planning to never visit a dental care again. I was having a terrible toothache on a day when our family’s regular dentist was not available. I decided to visit Midlothian Dental Centre at Sommerville Court in Midlothian. I had never consulted any other dentist apart from our regular one, so I was a little nervous, so I was expecting them to be a little considerate about my situation and treat me accordingly. But the dentist there suggested, after a very basic checkup, that left canine was not in a very good condition and it had to be extracted immediately. This was a kind of a shock to me, as I was never told that my canine was the reason behind the pain. However, since the pain was getting unbearable for me, my parents suggested that I go for the same immediately. We were told to deposit a good sum prior to the operation and my parents did so too. It was as if the most painful operation I have ever experienced, the anaesthesia had not quite worked, and I could literally feel the sharp tools cutting through my gums. At that time, I was discharged, saying that I would not have much trouble in future.

The issue started just after the operation when I realised that the pain was at the lower jaw and they had operated on my upper one! I was furious and the same time shocked at how such ‘experienced’ doctors could ever make such a mistake? Or was it even a mistake? Anyway, by this time my dentist had returned and he too was shocked at the fact that the pain which could be reduced with a simple painkiller was made into such an issue!

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