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Published: 17 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

On a behalf of my friends who went through an abusive work environment and to protect the next victims, here’s a testimony: We are a former employees of Midori Ribbon. The company used to be owned by the Mother of the current owner who was a wonderful owner. The daughter and her husband took over and since then the environment became toxic. A lot of employees don’t even stay there that long. We have ourselves witnessed many leave and eventually us as well. Some that stay it’s because they are immigrants and have paperwork issues. The culture is so horrible and abusive. The husband screams at employees, paranoid and accuse us with stuff. His wife is like a snake, will play very nice,and will put so much pressure to employees, and sit with them and micro manage them, even though she doesn’t know anything, and has only high school diploma, “if so”. She will tell us how to do the work. She mostly doesn’t know how but she will still try to do so and then that creates mistakes and more because we can’t say no to her. We are forced to work overtime, and we don’t get paid for it. She puts everyone salary to avoid paying them. The environment is unheathly and there was no health measures, even bathrooms were out of the order all the time. She uses her personal assistant who “poor girl” is used as a slave to her and controls her. At a certain point, they hired her husband which is against the labor rules. The poor guy was constantly threatened and yeild at all the time. He eventually quit or they” fired him?”. Then, there is PTOs, if someone uses PTOs, it comes back against the employee. They manage to put one person per department, to make sure you don’t leave. They give a job description, however, they require employees to wear many hats, for midiocre pay, and more, justifying that you’re part of the team, and that everyone is there to invest in the company, yet no one owns any percentage in the company. They think employees are there simply because they love them “as the owners” and are not there for a paycheck. There’s always a phase of Honey moon, when an employee starts, they tolerate mistakes, give gifts, praise all the time and so on. Then after awhile, if they can’t control you or you say something they don’t like, then you’re done. They offer healthcare with a very mediocre company, and there’s issues all of the time. They use healthcare to keep employees and brag that they take care of employees. The truth is they look at the law, and try to find creative ways on breaking the employee that doesn’t follow their orders. If anyone says no to them, they get very sensitive and will hold it against you. They make employees work on egg shells, and under very big control and blackmail. If an employee asks for a raise, you’re sure they will fire you. it’s just a matter of time, of them finding ways how. I was lucky to be with an agency, but it’s a disaster being there. This is a toxic environment and these employers are sick. Stay away, as the energy is very very bad. Any body that works for them ends up sick or lives in fear. Their building in La brea was surrounded with drug dealers, and shady people. We notice that they were not there anymore. In any legitimate business we have worked before, we have never witnessed so much abuse and so much crualty towards employees including ourselves. We have great history with our former employees! We are happy to be out. One of us right now moved out of california, but my friend/former coworker is working in a happy place in Ca. We hope this will help you and save you time to not get fooled by this company. For both my friends and everyone who is looking for a job, stay away from this and Don’t waist your time!

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