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Published: 03 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

John Ferguson Jr is a con man doing A LOT of business in Memphis, TN. He runs multiple craigslist ads a day to keep his phone ringing so he can reel in the next fish, or SUCKER, as he cannot build his business on referrals, because he rips off every single client so they all leave him very soon after signing up with him. He has two businesses. He will place tenants for you for a fee. He is not bad doing this, but he makes a lot of money for putting an ad using a service to places it in multiple locations and he shows the house a few times and he places the tenant. He will ALSO offer to get it CLEANED UP FOR YOU and rent ready, this is ONE of the areas he will SCREW YOU ON BIG TIME by grossly overcharging you and making up things that don’t need to be done and he will vastly over charge you for it. Property Management. This is where he REALLY screws you. He will rob you over your security deposits. You might ask whether he is legitimately using them for repairs? Well, in my case, I left him after using him for only a short time and he simply WILL NOT return the deposits to you. Period. He steals them. Also, any “repairs” you will need. Don’t be surprised when you get a TON of repairs needed all of the sudden when you hire him and not only that, but the cost is outrageous to get them done. How will you know? Call anyone on CL and ask them to go out and you will learn how bad he is ripping you off. Either there is no repair needed, or it is obvious he CREATED a problem where there wasn’t one, or the charge for a legit repair will be way, way out of line. See how he reacts when you tell him you will have your OWN repair person handle repairs, if you have one. He doesn’t like that ONE BIT because then he and his TEAM of con artists can’t take you to the cleaners for repairs. Check the status of his LLC. It is defunct. Why? This way he doesn’t have to abide by any regulations of the Department of Corporations or fall under their regulations. He SAYS he has an active and good LLC… Make him PROVE IT. He can’t because he doesn’t want the government on his butt but he will TELL YOU he does and hope you simply believe it. Licensing… HE IS NOT LICENSED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM in TN. YOU NEED a license to practive in TN in this business and he is NOT Licensed. He has a history of short term brokers he put his MS license under and they all got a mountain of phone calls shortly after he placed his license with them and they all kicked him to the curb right away because they didn’t want to lose their license for having him practice under them. Look up Darryl Lewis as a broker in TN and he will give you and earful. How do you know this is the right John Ferguson? He has a stutter. Listen closely and you will notice it. He has a GREAT way about him like all con men do. Con man being “CONfidence” which they instill in you. Look him up via here, scamreport, BBB, and most of all, have him BACK UP his licensiing and LLC status and FINALLY, ask him for references of people he DOES PROPERTY MANAGMENT FOR not just place tenants. You would think a guy in the business as long as he has would have a lot of references right?? WRONG! That is why he runs so many CL ads CONSTANTLY. He needs NEW business as he doesn’t have existing property management business for any length of time before they leave him He is a horrible perseon… JUST HORRIBLE!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! BTW, when you ask him about these postings on the internet, he will tell you of his HARD TIMES with his wife and getting a divorce and she screwed him etc… Don’t believe a single word. She supports him in his scams

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